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How a Raw Food Diet Works

Of the many ways that exist to eat your way to a slimmer, lighter body, probably one of the more effective methods is to include a lot of raw foods in your diet. Now that is not to say you should suddenly pack away your barbecue or griddle and start eating all your meats raw! You should still cook those.

But it does mean switching to eating more raw vegetables and increasing he amount of fresh fruits, nuts and seeds you eat on a daily basis.

Portion Size Still Matters

Of course, this doesn't also mean you should actually eat more! It means replacing some of the more unhealthy foods that you probably habitually eat every day with raw, healthy alternatives. It has been known for some time that raw food and weight loss go together hand in hand, because the body has to use more energy to metabolize raw food than it does for the cooked equivalent.

Not only that, but raw vegetables will make you feel full faster than cooked ones. So it is a good way of actually eating less and still feeling like you ate the same as before. That satisfies your stomach and your brain registers your full earlier, which means less chances of overeating and busting your daily calorie count.

Many Health Benefits

There are many other health benefits, such as the increased levels of a multitude of important nutrients that are packed into raw veggies. It often happens that these very nutrients are usually boiled away in the cooking pot. They are also glaringly absent from the many commercial diets such as the diet food delivery variants as well as most store-bought ready meals.

As to the home delivered diets such as Nutrisystem, Medifast and Bistro MD for example, they often recommend that you add certain vegetable and protein rich foods to the meals they send you. This is to help improve the overall health aspect while helping you to feel full on what would otherwise be very small portioned meals.

Fruits are Important to a Diet

raw food dietPlenty of people with an opinion on dieting may say that you should cut down on fruits when you are trying to lose weight. Indeed, some top level diet programs such as Atkins ban fruit altogether because of the high carbohydrate and fruit sugar levels.

While doing this does have short term advantage that it forces the body to burn more fat rather than rely on blood sugar for energy, it cannot and should not be maintained for any length of time. That's because the body needs the nutrients and natural fiber present in many fruits and vegetables.

On the flip side, when you are adopting a raw food regime, you can eat much more fruit. That's because you will need the additional energy that you will not be getting from the high glycemic carbohydrates that are present in the processed foods you are no longer (or should no longer be) eating on your diet!

And these are the foods that make up a big proportion of most people's modern unhealthy diets. Plus you will be getting all the benefits from a more alkaline diet which has also been proven to help with maintaining a healthy body and good shape.

So embrace those raw carrots, celery sticks and spinach leaves. Because they will help you to attain a slimmer, healthier body faster and more effectively than you may have thought possible!


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