Medifast Review 2024 Update

For someone who wants to lose weight without all the hassle of a regular diet, my Medifast diet review here may hold the key to your greatest success!

This can be easily achieved with this particular home delivery diet program as you will see as you read on.

Before I get into what the program is all about and how it works as well as other useful information like what it costs and how you can succeed with it, I want to first get you to think about something:

Why do you want to lose weight?

medifast reviewThat might sound a little bizarre at first, especially if you're overweight and have decided to do something positive about it. But not everybody who chooses to do this is technically overweight.

So be very sure as to your motives here.

What you want to do and what you need to do may be very different and choosing to sign up for Medifast to diet your way to a slimmer figure might not actually be the most effective or even desirable course of action.

Are You Serious About Losing Weight?

If you can safely say that your main reasons for deciding on this course of action are because you both want and need to shed weight and you are limited in available time to work on a dieting program but are determined to work to make it work, then sure, go ahead and do this.

If you're just looking for a magic bullet to make your excess fat disappear but are not prepared to put in the work, make some sacrifices and give it your best shot, then do NOT sign up for this program!

Do you want a slimmer body that you can feel nice and comfortable wearing great clothes that were designed for looking amazing in? You might find this dieting solution is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to get what you want!

OK, I go that off my chest. If you're still with me, then let's get into what this program is and how it can help you to help yourself in working toward a better, slimmer and healthier body.

Medifast in 2024

medifast review

Those who work busy schedules and have little free time but need to get in shape tend to avoid conventional diet programs simply because they don't have the time to devote to making them work.

A viable alternative to the conventional kind of dieting plan that is better suited to people with little free time is the home delivery kind of ready meal plan, such as the one I look at in my Nutrisystem review article.

This type can take all the work out of dieting and allows the dieter to simply eat the food that is sent to them without having to do any preparation or calculating and still lose those unwanted excess pounds easily and definitely.

One such diet company that provides a very popular and successful variation on exactly this style of dieting is the one I have on review right now. Let's take a look at it...

Main Benefits of a Medifast Diet

There are several real plus points to this program that might seem fairly obvious but will turn out to be a big part of the reason you'd choose to sign up with them. Let's summarize them here:

Before I go into the program in more detail, let's first take a look at just exactly what it is.

What is Medifast?

Medifast is a diet company that has been operating since around 1980 and has been providing customers with ready to eat meals that are both low in calories and high in nutrition to provide busy people with a means to get slimmer without taking up any of their time.

Reading reviews such as this is a good way to learn more about the company, since I've gone some way to explaining what it entails right here.

All the meals you will need to eat are delivered to your home in a single package and you get up to six small meals per day to eat.

There are several different plans that can be customized to suit your personal preferences. However, one of the most popular is the "GO" plan (formerly the 5&1 plan) which provides five of the meals you will eat each day while you prepare and cook the sixth "Lean and Green" meal yourself according to the recommendations provided in the literature that accompanies the package.

The other hugely popular plan is the "FLEX" Plan (formerly Achieve) which allows you to add two of your own "Lean and Green" meals to the four Medifast meals plus one healthy snack.

How Does Medifast Work?

The program works by providing the dieter with many smaller meals throughout the day with causes the body to burn more energy than eating fewer larger meals.

Coupled with the low calorie count of these meals, dieters can lose weight quite quickly while not feeling hungry throughout the day thanks to the "eat little and often" strategy. As dieting plans go, this is an effective strategy for most people.

The dieter can stay on the program for as long as it takes to lose as many pounds that they want to lose and then afterwards continue with a maintenance program that helps them to keep to their final weight in the long term and avoid regaining any of what was lost. It's a very good diet system for people who really need a way to eat healthily that is both convenient and transportable, so they can take meals to work with them and avoid the temptation to eat junk food lunches.

What Does Medifast Cost?

The cost of the program is easily offset by the fact that you don't have to go out and buy any food during the time you are on the program. The price you pay for the diet plan covers all your food, so whatever you normally spend on food over the period of the diet can be deducted from the cost.

The actual cost is around $11 a day, but when you deduct your normal food budget from that amount, most people find they actually save money by being on a Medifast diet and get to lose weight while they are doing it!

How Much Does it Cost to be on Medifast?

The newest (as currently advertised), easiest, most convenient diet weight loss plan offered by the company called "Flex" is being promoted at as low as:

That's well worth the small investment if you have never tried this kind of dieting before and wanted to test it out for yourself to see if you like it without spending a whole month's money.

Full diet plans cost from:

This price is an introductory price for the first month with Medifast Advantage®. After that, the cost rises to the regular price of $443.60 and $557.30 respectively for the above two plans.

How to Sign Up for Medifast and save over $100?

Signing up is very simple when you visit their website at www. and you can choose your preferred plan from their selection of tailored diet plans. You can also choose the kind of support you prefer and that fits in with your lifestyle.

You'll be so glad you got on this incredible super-convenient dieting program right now. It's all geared up to fitting in with your way of life and allowing you to be free to enjoy your spare time no matter how much or how little of it you have.

Please note the author is an affiliate of Medifast who may receive commission on sales from advertising on this page. The price you pay and your statutory rights are not affected.


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13 thoughts on "Medifast Review 2024 Update"

Harvey J says:
May 17, 2018

I was a little skeptical at first, but a friend had tried it and said it was OK and she lost quite a lot of weight. So I dived in! The food is actually pretty good considering it's not home-cooked. I have gotten as far as two months on the diet and so far lost 11 pounds, which I think is pretty darn good! It gets my thumbs up and I would happily recommend it to snyone else who needs a convenient diet without the hassle that works.

Shirley says:
March 14, 2018

The food is better than I expected and I like eating small meals 5 times a day. This diet suits me in a lot of ways, specially as I work two jobs and don't have time to cook!

Dorothy says:
January 12, 2018

I have been through the toughest part of the Go plan and survived to tell the tale! It was hard going, but it wasn't long before I got used to eating a lot less each day. Now I'm second week into the relaxed part where more carbs veggies and fruit are allowed and it has really gotten easy for me. No snacks and no soda for me ever again! So far I've lost 12 pounds and looking forward to losing more. Yes I would recommend this to anyone who can take a little self discipline and action!

Cook says:
February 20, 2016

Hey Alex, I’m really happy for you. That’s absolutely the right way to use this diet and learn how to eat from then on after. You’re so right that eating freshly prepared food with real ingredients is way better than whatever you buy at the store in a pack or a can. Ready-to eat meals and packet or can foods are mostly processed in some way with a load of unhealthy stuff added to make it more appealing to more potential customers to make the company that sells it more money! Even some foods that are (mis)labeled “healthy” are nothing of the kind! Congrats on the weight lost and your new eating strategy for health and continued healthy weight maintenance.

Alex says:
February 19, 2016

I wanted to say that after two months on Medifast 5-1 I can honestly say I found the right diet for me. I lost a staggering 26 pounds in that time, with 8 pounds coming off in the first week alone! The food was OK and I have no complaints there. Maybe needed a little more flavor, but otherwise perfect for getting into eating smaller portions more often at regular intervals in the day. I feel I no longer need the diet and have already started buying my own groceries having learned how to prepare and cook meals with only fresh ingredients for better health. Now I control what I eat, when I eat and how much and its all healthy. No more will I ever eat any of that bad, sugar, salt and additive laden store bought ready to eat stuff I was getting fat on before. Thanks for the review Dr Cook!

Alicia says:
February 10, 2016

Hi! Today was my first day back on medifast in a good while!
I know it works! I did the plan from 5-2011 to 10-2012 along with regular excersise and lost 76 pounds!
My surprise baby was born 9 months ago and I am back on the medifast wagon!
This time I have 40 pounds of “I recently had a baby” to lose. I know I can do it again!

Cook says:
January 6, 2016

Hey Jeanie,

I’m glad you read my review too! It’s great to hear from folks that had success with this diet and that also liked eating the food in smaller amounts more often. It’s the perfect method to teach your body to expect less food and burn calories faster and more efficiently. Congrats with dropping 39lbs!

Jeanie says:
January 6, 2016

I was reading Larry’s comment and I pretty much had the opposite experience. I started back late last summer on Nutrisystem and I didn’t like the food at all. It wasn’t gross or anything, just didn’t suit my taste and I found many of the meals pretty bland. I quit that diet after a month even though I lost 7lbs I guess mostly because I just didn’t like it. So I still needed to lose more weight. I read about Medifast 5+1 on this website page so I tried that. I liked the food better even though it is pretty similar it just tasted better to me. I also liked eating lots of small meals in the day. I ended the diet on New Years Eve after three more months and lost 32lbs with Medifast in addition to the 7 I lost with Nutrisystem. I’m glad I found this page and took the doctor’s advice for once… So 39 lbs lighter total and a very happy (and slim) Jeanie! xx

Cook says:
April 12, 2015

Hey Larry, I hear you on the difference. I know a few people who switched to Nutrisystem because they preferred the food. Since the prices are not too different between the two, I think you sort of already answered your own dilemma.

Larry says:
April 12, 2015

I bought a +5 Nutrisystem box at Sam’s Club while I was waiting for my first Medifast order to arrive. I must tell you what my wife and I lost over 5 lbs. on Nutrisystem and about the same on Medifast. The difference was the taste. Almost everything I eat from Medifast tastes just about the same and the aftertaste from the Medifast shakes was bad.
I enjoyed the meals from Nutrisystem and found them filling. To be honest, I have not enjoyed the Medifast menus as much. I think it is too much soy, which is the first ingredient in all of their “meals”. Also, the soup was not very tasty and I found one little cube of beef in mine. The Ziti was not very good and nothing compared to the Nutrisystem meals.
I am now facing a dilemma. Whether to continue with Medifast or go back to Nutrisystem. I really like shakes and I really don’t like Medifast. I guess I could just order what I liked from Medifast and supplement with on-line ordering of other products.
One other note: my wife likes Medifast.

Cook says:
March 22, 2015

Hey Carina, that’s great going. Sure it gets easier when your meals are more varied during the later phases of the program and easy to stick with as everything you need to eat is there. Keep it up and enjoy the long term benefits of being slimmer and healthier!

Carina says:
March 22, 2015

I have been on medifast for 6 weeks and I’m loving it. The first 2 weeks on phase 1 were tough but it got easier after that. As more veggies and other intersting food are introduced its really enjoyable eating, not feeling like Im missing anything and untill now I managed to lose 21 lbs! Its just what I needed all this time!

Jolene says:
January 13, 2015

Hi, I have had a really good experience with doing Medifast for the last 3 months and over that time I lost a total of 22 pounds so I’m really pleased with the way its going. The food is OK–no complaints at all although the small meals took some getting used to. Still keeping it up with another 10 pounds to go. I believe I’ll get there soon enough!