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Bistro MD Review (2024 Update)

If you happened to ever be in any doubt as to how to lose weight in the easiest manner while still enjoying great, high quality meals, then this will set you straight. There are several companies that provide home delivered diet plans, but most of them provide food that is often lacking in the quality department.

Not so Bistro MD, which is one of the newer diet meal delivery companies to come into the industry, but they have done so with an edge over their competitors in the quality of the food they provide to their customers.

There is a lot of information that can be acquired about the many different aspects of this amazing diet food delivery program. But for the purposes of this article, here is how this particular diet plan can help you to lose weight in as easy and enjoyable manner as is possible.

Its biggest asset is of course in the high quality of the food.

Diet Food Quality

Now many people quit their diets early and fail to lose weight mainly because they got fed up with the food they were eating for one reason or another. This could be because:

  1. The quality was just simply below par
  2. There was little variety in the menu so the food became boring

With Bistro MD, these things simply do not happen. This is because the quality of the food is top notch. All the meals are prepared to order by their own in-house gourmet chefs to their own special nutritional and healthy recipes.

They are then cooked and then frozen to lock in the freshness and taste and shipped immediately to the customer in batches of five or seven days worth the food that covers the three main meals of the day.

Benefits of Bistro MD

Bistro MD Keep Your ResolutionIt is a fairly well known fact that losing weight can be made a whole load easier than many people think simply by using the right kind of program that suits the individual best. The problem faced by a large number of dieters is in finding that perfect diet that will be the one that really makes it easy for them to lose the weight.

You can make things easier by taking some of the guess work out of that process. Deciding on a diet based on certain criteria can really separate the wheat from the chaff and leave you with a short list of favorable options.

For instance, you may be a busy person with no time for all the complexities of a regular conventional diet, so your best choice might be one of the excellent diet meal delivery programs that are available with all your meals delivered to your home, ready to heat up and eat.

Reading online reviews of your preferred diet options can really help to narrow down the search even more. There are some really good reviews of Bistro MD online that highlight the many great points of this convenient and easy way of dieting.

So what are the main benefits of this particular diet delivery program?


The best part of this particular program is that all the meals are prepared to order and then delivered to your home as fresh frozen meals in the peak of freshness. There are no processed meals in this menu, unlike what you'll find in some of the rival diet food delivery companies.

With this program, you get top quality meals every time and that it an important deciding factor when you come to weigh up all the alternatives.

The plans are set out in one week delivery batches, so you never have to clear out your garage to store all the food. These packages take up little room in your domestic freezer and because there are only a maximum of seven day's worth of three meals a day, you are never inundated with food packets!

With a really wide choice of meals in their menu collection, you will never get bored with eating their food! To add to the many nutritional and weight loss benefits of this program, the meals are perfectly balanced with the right number of calories and nutritional aspects to really make losing weight easier than you ever thought was possible.

Menu Variety

The variety of the meals is huge, meaning you won't eat the same main meal twice in a week or even in several if you don't want to. This eliminates the possibility of becoming bored with the food or becoming complacent with the diet through lack of interest.

When a dieter is excited by the prospect of eating an interesting, delicious meal every time, they are far more apt to stick with the diet right through to the end and attain great success in losing weight.

By eliminating the three two reasons for diet failure, this company has created a system that will help many a failed dieter to become a successful dieter in a way that convenient and easy to follow.

The Cost of this Program

The sticking point for many would-be dieters is the cost of diet meal delivery programs when compared to what they normally spend on food. While there are some people that are used to living frugally and not spending a fortune on takeaway and junk food, there are many that do.

If this kind of program seems expensive, then you probably fall into the former category and quite possibly there is little that will convince you that this is the right weight loss solution for you.

However, if you are used to spending money on junk food, processed ready meals from the store and takeaway meals, then you will probably be pleasantly surprised at just how inexpensive this program is in comparison to what you spend on a day to day basis.

You can simply find out more for yourself by clicking the advertising image below:

Bistro MD reviews

Many people will find that the cost of this diet is no more than they would typically spend on a breakfast eaten in a restaurant or diner. In that case, this could certainly be a perfect dieting solution for you!


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6 thoughts on "Bistro MD Review (2024 Update)"

Cook says:
June 3, 2018

Chris and Harriet, congrats to you both for losing an appreciable amount of weight and finding out this diet is worth doing if you like better quality food than the cheaper programs out there.

Harriet says:
May 29, 2018

I ate Bistro meals for 8 weeks straight before the summer came and shrank myself from a dress size 14 into a size 10 - lost 14lb and the food was better than I expected too!

Chris says:
May 4, 2018

I'd heard mixed reports about the Bistro food and wasn't sure who to believe. Then I happened to bump into my neighbor taking in a package with Bistro all over the box and I had to ask her about it. She invited me in to try a little. Well, it tasted pretty good considering it came frozen and had to be heated in a microwave. So I ordered some for myself and stayed with it for 6 weeks. In that time I dropped 11 pounds! Pretty good for meals I didn't need to prep or cook myself!

I doubt the previous commentor, Sandy will see this, but your star rating sounde more like whining to me. I'd give it a 3+ and be happy to let any of my other neighbors try some just the same way I was introduced to it for real.

Sandy says:
September 7, 2016

If I could leave fewer than 1 star I would definitely. My boyfriend and I were so excited about Bistro MD, we thought this would help us achieve our goal of eating better and healthier. I read online about the dietician and all the help that you were to receive from this site. However, when we ate the first dinner we both took two bites, looked at each other and knee we could not finish the meal. We couldn't make out if the side was potato or what is was but it DID NOT taste nor have the consistency of potato. The food (including the one lunch I tried) had NO FLAVOR at all. I have eaten at places for those on a special diet and this wasn't even close to any taste I have ever experienced (not in a good way). This was beyond disappointing and neither of us would ever recommend this to anyone (even those we don't like) to try. STAY CLEAR!!!!

Cook says:
March 5, 2015

Hey Lauren, glad your sister is doing well on this diet. It's definitely a good one as an alternative to Nutrisystem.

Lauren says:
March 2, 2015

My sister had been complaining lately that she had grown a little too large in stature for her liking and so she decided that it really was about time that she started to do something about fixing it. She started looking around at some of the easy options like the diet meal delivery programs and was quite impressed by how easy they seemed to be. Then she started reading about how people did not like the food on some programs because it was processed mainly and contained a lot of sodium and other additives. She wanted to have it easy but she also wanted to eat good meals. Then she read some Bistro MD reviews like this one here and it struck her that she had found her answer. This is a great system that provides all the meals you need for a whole week and the best part is that none of that food is processed. It is all freshly prepared and cooked by gourmet chefs and then frozen. So when it arrives at your home, you are getting about as good as it gets in terms of food quality. It is a little more expensive than Nutrisystem or diets from other similar companies, but she says it is worth the extra to get food you can eat and that tastes good too. She went on the program and so far after just three weeks she has already lost 8lbs. I can see that made her very happy indeed and glad she chose Bistro.