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Why Weight Loss Should be Slow

Notice how there are so many overweight people waddling down the street wherever you go these days and yet we hear there are so many great diet plans and programs available and they are so easy to work with that there is no need for anyone to be overweight!

Yet the truth belies the theory!

So what is going wrong and why are there still so many overweight people and why are the numbers growing instead of shrinking? Let's take a look and see in this myth-busting article that reveals why it is always best to lose those excess pounds slowly and surely.

Reacting the Wrong Way to Being Overweight

One reason could be that when a lot of people realize they have gone past some invisible line and they have woken up to the fact that they must get slimmer, their first reaction is to find the quickest way of doing it. They grab at crash diets mostly, because way too many people are too lazy to do any exercise and see a diet change as the easy way out.

The problem is that crash diets don't work long term and come with a bunch of problems to boot. People want to lose weight but they don't want to wait around for it to happen slowly and naturally.

So they try and starve themselves for a few days and then get on the scales to see they probably lost a lot of pounds all at once. Great! They hop off the scales and go straight to the kitchen to get eating their normal diet once more, happy in the delusion that heir problems have been solved.

But they haven't and within a few days, all the weight they lost will be back, plus an extra pound or two for their trouble.

Understanding Why Fast is Wrong

Why does it happen? It happens because starving yourself simply forces your body to take evasive action and slow down all its processes to counter the sudden loss of nutrition. The metabolism slows right down, since it has a lot less to do all of a sudden since the diet is almost non-existent and the body tries to conserve energy.

It's often called being in starvation mode and in this mode, the body will burn very little energy to try and conserve what it has left. That's OK while you are wanting to lose weight, but its tough to keep up going without food for so long. Sooner or later you will want to eat normally again and you will!

Returning to Normal

As soon as you start to eat normally, the body conserves as much of that food as fat as it can, in readiness for another bout of starvation, whether it comes or not.

That means your body will be storing fat like its going out of fashion and your metabolism will not go any faster until you have returned to the weight it remembers you being (your body has an instinctive memory for recent events and especially recent body makeup).

This is one of the major problems with losing weight fast.

Yet when you do the opposite and lose that weight slowly with a sensible diet, you avert these problems and allow your metabolism to remain active so that you keep the weight off in the long term. That happens because the body has time to adapt to its new digestive strategy and replace old bad habits with new good ones that will stick for the long term.

This is the best way to lose weight and also the safest and most healthy.


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