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Exercise for Long Term Weight Control

There is really no getting away from it, it you are really determined to not only lose weight but keep it off in the long term, you are going to have to not just watch what you eat but do some daily exercise as well.

Exercise is absolutely the way to go if you want a great looking body that you will be proud of and that stays looking great.

So why do so many people who tell you they want to lose the excess fat they're carrying around with them every day, then go ahead and just put themselves on a diet that makes them miserable, but refuse to do any exercise?

Stop Looking for the Easy Answer

The short answer is that people are searching for the easy way out. The simple solution. The fastest way to gratification.

They see a diet as a preferable means to the end they desire without having to bust their behinds in a gym or sweat it out running several miles every morning with all the other fitness fanatics who don't seem to be bothered about grabbing that all-important "extra half hour sleep!"

Well, those "lunatics" are actually the sensible ones who know something the "stay in bed" brigade are missing. Exercising daily at a level that forces your heart and breathing rate up, makes your muscles work.

Not only that, but it causes you to sweat rivers and force your body to metabolize at a much faster rate. That means that you will not only attain a great looking body, but that you will be able to maintain it while mot having to eat rabbit food for the rest of your life!

Finding the Perfect Physical Equilibrium

In fact, many people who exercise for maybe an hour or so every day will get to a stage where they have lost all the pounds they wanted to lose. And now they can pretty much eat what they want within reason and not put on an ounce.

Of course, they will still eat healthily because their bodies need the nutrients to stay healthy and to maintain their strength and stamina so they can keep up with the exercises. But they are not going to sweat over indulging in the odd cream cake, pizza or even a chocolate bar every now and again because their metabolisms will easily cope with the extra load.

When the muscles of the body are used to working hard every day, it becomes routine to burn much more of the sugars that enter the bloodstream during the course of the day. Because this is happening, there is no insulin rush to counter spikes in sugar volume because it is used up very quickly in providing energy for the more active muscle tissue.

Dieting is Not Enough

So if you think that dieting is the easy way to a better body, think again. It may allow you to lose weight naturally in the short term, but as soon as you stop the diet, all that weight is coming back.

And some besides!

But if you exercise too, then you will benefit in many ways. Not least of all being that great looking body will be yours for good, because you worked for it and you get to keep it as long as you keep working for it.


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insanity says:
Jan 31, 2011

You need to set aside a certain time each day to devote to fitness exercises. Always choose an exercise that you enjoy and you can do. Start out slowly, and as your fitness level improves, you can try more difficult workouts.