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eDiets Review

People wanting to lose weight could read this eDiets review and find out why this convenient home delivery diet program works so well. Quality meals are the emphasis for this company and this is what sets it apart from similar programs.

You may be looking around for the right solution to your weight problem, but if you're needs include convenience, great tasting, easy and fast meals without the hassle of cooking then, then this could be for you.

Benefits of eDiets

There are several great benefits to choosing to sign up with this diet program. Here are some of the main ones in a nutshell:

The meals come in batches of five or seven day packages, with three meals per day with or without additional snack bars as you choose. Unlike some other programs, you are not locked into a multiple-month auto delivery scheme. You can cancel anytime without penalty.

How Does eDiets Compare with Other Diets?

There are several prominent diet companies providing high quality diet meals that are delivered to the customer's home so they have an easy time of losing weight.

One such company is eDiets who have built their success on providing a good variety of top quality meals that actually taste great. This article takes a look at this diet meal service and see how it measures up to other rival programs.

The first thing that you notice about the way that eDiets meal delivery service works is that the meals are sent out in packages meant to cover a single week and not, as in Nutrisystem's case, a whole month. This is necessary because the meals are all freshly prepared upon receipt of the customer's order, cooked and chilled, then packaged in cool bags for shipping to the customer's home.

Shipping meals that are not frozen or processed means they have to be kept cold but will not last much beyond a week. They have to be stored in a fridge (not a freezer), although that's not really a problem because seven days worth of meals doesn't really take up very much space.

For the customer, this means they are getting top quality meals that are freshly prepared as they order and pay for them. The service does cost more than Nutrisystem for this reason.

Is eDiets Good Value for Money?

You really do get what you pay for when it comes to convenience diet meals of the diet food delivery variety. Costs vary depending upon the plan chosen, but even with the top plan you will still be paying a lot less than $200 for a week's food.

This is relatively cost effective and provides great value considering you get all your meals for the whole seven days. They include breakfast, lunch and an evening meal with a dessert plus the two snack bars for between meals.

Prices are on par with another rival diet meal delivery company, Bistro MD, which also sends seven days of food, but their meals are fresh frozen and in general much better quality (in fact I would recommend Bistro over e-diets for the higher quality of the food and better service overall).


Dieting with eDiets used to be a good weight loss solution for a person who does not have the time to spend on a conventional diet, but in the past few years their quality of service has deteriorated, therefore I no longer recommend this program. Instead, a much better choice is Bistro MD and you can click that link to read my latest review of this high quality meal replacement diet program.

Lastly, let's get back to the way in which meals are provided. In a similar way to Nutrisystem or Medifast, all meals are simple to get ready to easy and usually only need a quick flash in the microwave.

This convenient style of dieting is a time saving way to easily lose weight and be able to use that time you save for more important things, which, in an ideal world, is how it should be!


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