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Weight Loss: Is it All a State of Mind?

You've probably heard it said that successfully losing weight is really all in the state of mind of the slimmer. How true is that and how does that even work?

One aspect of succeeding in the process of losing those unwanted extra pounds is to have the right mental attitude towards it. With a positive and motivated state of mind, you can achieve far more than without it. It could be seen as one of the less used but more powerful of the techniques that a person can be given because the mind is such a powerful tool when used correctly.

So this article takes a look at how you can switch your mental state from a debilitating, predominantly negative and downwards facing aspect to a predominantly positive and upward facing one.

Are You Negative?

The first thing that you must face is what is causing you to be negative, if you actually are. Often, we don't even think about our mental state because it has become second nature through a long period of being and we simply don't even realize that we are being negative.

But the signs are there for anyone who cares to look. It all has to do with the mental conversations that you have with yourself throughout the day and how they are gauged. Here are a couple of real life examples.

Do you find yourself looking at a traffic jam and thinking how bad it is and that someone should do something about it? Or do you see workmen digging up the road in the same spot they were digging it up just a few weeks ago and think to yourself that this is a terrible waste of resources and all the problems it must be causing?

Or do you see a panhandler in the street and think to yourself how terrible society must be to allow this to even happen? Well, all those things are negative!

A Shift in Your Perception

Instead of viewing the bad in what is going on around you, you need to make a shift in perception and start seeing the good in things. This is positive and will bring you some rather amazing results when you stick to them.

So now the panhandler takes on a new guise. Instead of being a problem, think about how much better of he'd be if he picked himself up and got a job.

View the road works as providing those workmen with jobs so they can pay their bills and feed their families while they fix what could be a problem. Maybe the work they do will improve the drainage so next time it rains the road will be clear of dangerous, deep puddles.

Or maybe they are repairing a broken power cable and by fixing it they will be bringing light and heat to the people living in the nearby buildings. What has any of this got to do with losing weight?

A Positive Habit

Plenty. When you start to get into the habit of seeing the good in situations that you come across, you will also see the good in the prospect of going on a diet and starting an exercise plan while making use of any good information or advice that you have. This motivates you to not only get started but to stick to your plan for your own personal improvement.

This of course will result in your losing those excess pounds easily because you are going at the problem with a workable solution that you endorse wholeheartedly. One which will bring you greater success than you may have ever realized was possible.

Is Weight Something to be Lost?

Another mental aspect of the whole concept of what we like to call "weight loss" is that we could be going at it in completely the wrong way. There is a theory that you should stop trying to "lose weight" at all (in your mind, that is).

Why would anyone do that?

Well, we as human beings are pre-programmed with an instinctive set of behavioral rules, one of which is that if we lose something, what is the first thing we do? We go look for it, that's what.

So if we're thinking and internalizing the concept of losing weight, once we've lost it, we are going to do whatever is necessary to get it back! Sort of a nice way of explaining why a huge percentage of dieters put it all back once they quit the diet, doesn't it!

A better way of internalizing it is to see yourself at the weight and size you want to be and focus only on that as a definite goal to be achieved and then maintained. That's doing it with a positive outlook and by being positive we set up a line of action that we feel good about following.

So how much of this process of getting back into shape is mental and how much physical?

The best way to understand how that's going to work out is to remember that our bodies are little more than biological machines that do what the mind tells them to do. In fact, they can ONLY do what the mind tells them to do!

So you need to be in control of your mind first and foremost before the body falls into line with what you really want. So what do you really want?

If it's a slimmer, great looking figure, you need to get your mind into the right attitude first. Then you need to get serious about doing what ever it takes physically to bring about the result you really want.

Because if you don't get totally serious about it and do that diet program that you chose, do those exercises and make a commitment to improve every day, how can you possibly expect to succeed?


It's all in the mind about setting into action your plan for success and when you do, the physical side of things as in your body has to follow the mind's lead and do what it's told.


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