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You Can Lose Weight While You Sleep

Lose weight while you sleep? Surely that is nonsense? Well, actually it isn't. Your mind is a powerful weapon in your armory when it comes to promoting good health and that includes weight loss. So how does this work? I'll tell you...

The first thing you need to be aware of is the fact that your mind is in total control of what your body is doing. Always, and that's a fact. Whether it's a conscious process or an unconscious process, your mind is the boss and your body is its slave, to be ordered around as it sees fit.

There is Only One Person Who Made You Fat!

lose weight as you sleepNow, when your body has been allowed to become overweight and unhealthy, it is because your mind has allowed it to happen. Only you can make the decision to sit on your lazy backside all day watching television, eating pizza and other garbage while your body soaks it all up and converts it into fat.

Only you can make the decision to drink fizzy soda drinks laden with sugar or artificial sweeteners (which are, incidentally, claimed to be even more harmful). Only you can make the decision to remain ignorant of what ingredients are in the food that you eat.

Those decisions come from your conscious mind.

...But You Can Change It!

Every decision you make consciously, you can change in an instant. If you want to. That means you can decide not to buy pizza or hamburgers or hot dogs of cakes or biscuits or candy bars etc.

It means that you can decide not to drink soda. It means you can decide to switch off the TV and haul your lazy backside off the sofa and get your body out into the fresh air and do something that resembles exercise.

These things you can do consciously. And that means you are in total control over what your body gets fed and whether it gets to do some exercise or not. No excuses!

Working With Your Mind

On an unconscious level, you have no direct control over what your mind is doing, but that doesn't mean you have no overall control. You do, actually. You can indirectly suggest that your unconscious mind does some work on your behalf to reduce the amount of fat stored up in the cells of your body.

I'm not saying it's easy. I'm saying it's possible.

With some training, you can learn to use auto-suggestion to get your unconscious mind working in harmony with your conscious mind. You can literally get that part of your mind to help you to lose weight naturally and improve your overall fitness levels.

The basic method is to simply learn some short, easily memorable phrases and repeat them to your self every night before you go to sleep. As you do this, it is also important that you fix as vivid as possible image in your mind of the slim, fit and healthy version of you that you want to be.

The last piece of the puzzle is to then imagine yourself actually inside that slim body, walking around and actually feeling how it feels to be that way. It's the feeling part of the process that really amps up the power of autosuggestion (the repeating of positive phrases to yourself).

I'll explain how to do that in more detail in future posts. Then you really can lose weight while you sleep. That is as long as you stick to the right "before bed" habits and ditch any (and all) old, bad ones.


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