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How Nutrisystem Has Evolved Going Into 2012

With 2011 coming to a close, it is with expectancy that we look towards 2012 and how the diet industry will move forward to meet the new challenges that confront it.

Nutrisystem has been a front runner in the diet food delivery side of the industry for many years, but seemed to have lost ground this year as rivals Jenny Craig stepped up their promotional machine.

So how will this popular and much loved dieting program fare, going into 2012. And what has the company got lined up for dieters keep to lose pounds before the summer vacation season comes along?

New Celebrity Promo

The first thing you will have noticed, unless you have been well away from any TV, radio or magazines and newspapers for the last two weeks is that there is a new big name celebrity spokesperson in the enviable shape of Janet Jackson. She's there to lead the promotional push into the new year.

This will certainly raise awareness of the Nutrisystem diet plans and put the company right back into the driving seat for the coming weight loss season as it hits.

Menu Improvements

On the side if the diets themselves, there have been big improvements to the menus with chef inspired meals and celebrity chefs joining the team to help improve the quality of the meals. Another big improvement to the several regular plans is the inclusion of thirty percent fresh frozen meals.

This brings the overall quality score of the diet up and provides dieters with more choice and a better selection of meals. It also means they will have to make space in their freezers to store the frozen meals, but the good news is that those meals really do not take up very much space.

Special Offers and Discounts

Other than these main improvements, there is a new special offer of 20% off the cost of the plans. This is in addition to several other promotional goodies that make signing up for the plan a very economical and easy way to lose that excess fat you've been meaning to shed for however long that might be.

Are You Getting Nutrisystem at the Best Price You Can?

A lot of people would be happy to try the plan of their choice but for their own concerns about the cost of the program. Many believe that it will be expensive, although this is not true.

At the moment, you can get the best price Nutrisystem diet plan that you can straight from the official site or by using an image link from an affiliated website such as this rather than go direct to their own site. That's because lots of affiliates have special deals where their links come with a discount on the regular price.

Of course, right now the company is running a big promotion that has seen them roll back their prices to where they were back in 2003. So right now you can get your diet cheaper than you could for several years.

Aside from getting such a great deal from the company right now, there is and always has been the fact that you must subtract the cost of the plan from the amount you would normally spend on food for yourself over a four week period. This is important.

That's because you can do the program and not have to buy any additional food. This means you save that money and the plan ends up costing you next to nothing. Or in some cases it is even cheaper than what some people usually spend on food anyway!

So do some homework before you sign-up for your own program. Because it could be that you could actually be making a saving while you're enjoying losing weight with this easy to follow solution.

If you want convenience and simplicity of use in a diet that you do not have to prepare and cook yourself, then Nutrisystem is probably the most cost effective and best supported of them all. So give it a try, you and your waistline will be happy you did!


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