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How Does the Medifast Diet Work?

For anyone considering the decision to sign up with Medifast as their preferred weight loss diet solution, there are always questions that need to be answered before making any commitment. The most important of these is probably that of needing to know that it works and how to go about maximizing your potential for the greatest success.

This is so that you'd know what to expect before you take delivery of your new program and how to proceed toward achieving the goal you set for yourself.

It Works If You Work

If you ever wondered about how such a dieting program works, then here is an excellent place to find out! This article will take a look at the inner workings of the Medifast diet delivery program and explain how it all comes together to provide you with a convenient, simple yet effective solution to your own personal weight problem.

There are other questions that lots of folks have too, but here we'll focus on this one in the main and also what you can and should do to make it work for you. Bear in mind that like any dieting process, your own input in the form of doing everything you can to succeed is vital if you want to see real success.

After all, it is not the diet that loses the weight from your body. It's your body that loses the excess through your own efforts and by using the diet to maximize those efforts.

Getting Started

The first thing you will probably do before signing up is read through some reviews online to get an idea what the program is all about and what other people are saying about it. That's a good idea because it will highlight people's views on both positive and negative aspects of the program.

If it all seems like a reasonable mix of viewpoints that gives you an overall positive feel for the program, then you will doubtless be more inclined to get signed up and started as soon as possible.

The sign-up process is fairly simple on the official website. You get to choose which plan is best suited to your individual needs and then you can choose to further customize the plan if there are meals you think you won't like and those you would prefer to see on your personal menu for the month.

Four Weeks Meals

Remember, each shipment will last you four whole weeks and include three square meals per day, plus a protein shake and two snack bars that you can eat between meals if you need them. During that time, you can opt to buy some additional vegetables and proteins as recommended by the company, or not if you don't want to.

Once you have received your delivery, you'll need to get it unpacked and the individual meals stored away in a suitable place. Follow the instructions on storage as most of the meals will be perfectly fine in a cool, dry pantry. Some meals will need to be stored in the fridge and others in the freezer.

Follow the Plan

The next part is the easy one. Start with breakfast for day one, followed by lunch and then the evening meal at times to suit your own schedule. The protein drink can be taken at any time, as can the snack bars. Each day will follow pretty much the same pattern depending on your own personal timing.

You should drink plenty of plain water each day and try and avoid soda or other flavored drinks, even diet drinks. Diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners that may be harmful to health and they also stimulate hunger, which is something you really want to avoid!

If you can do some exercise each day, that will definitely boost the effectiveness of the diet as it will enable your body to burn more calories. This is highly desirable as it meals you'll lose weight a little faster, while toning up your body to get a more slender figure by the end of your diet schedule.

You can get more information by reading this article that also explores the program in this Medifast review article right here.

Lastly, you will already have a target weight figured out well before you started the diet and even a time for achieving that target. Remember that you should expect to lose one to two pounds per week, as this is the recommended safest rate, so your target time should account for this.

If you can beat that time, all the better but don't try and rush things. You should stay on the diet for at least two months to get the most from it, while longer is better if you have budgeted for this. Good luck with your diet!


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