Make Your Weight Loss Goals Achievable

There is a lot of common sense in the idea of setting achievable goals for yourself when you are trying to lose weight and get a slimmer physique. It stems from our perception of how things are in life.

When we see what looks like a great obstacle to tackle, we shy away from it because we think it is more than we can handle and it must be really hard to do. But when we see a series of smaller obstacles, we feel we can tackle them all one by one because they seem less threatening and easier to overcome.

Getting Rid of the Excess Fat

Losing the excess baggage in the form of all the fat you don’t want from your body is the same. When we set huge, seemingly impossible goals, we will naturally shy away from attempting them.

That’s because deep down inside we fear that we will undoubtedly fail. But when we set ourselves goals that we know we can easily achieve, we are more likely to take them on with real enthusiasm because we feel we really can achieve them.

Break Targets Up Into Smaller Bits

Like many great tips designed to help you lose weight, setting out our goals in a series of smaller targets makes the process work much better. One very good way to do this is to start the month with a target that you believe you can reach by the end of the month.

This may be something like just 4-8 pounds. It may seem small and almost laughable at first glance, but it is very achievable.

Experts tend to agree that the ideal amount of weight to lose over time is between 1-2 pounds per week. So now 4-8 pounds in a month doesn’t seem so small! In fact, this is an ideal amount of body mass reduction to aim for as it is perfectly healthy and very easily achievable.

A Boost to Confidence

When you get to the end of the month and find you have met your target, or even exceeded it, it will fill you with confidence and spur you on to greater things. Your motivation to go another month with the same target will be much higher than it was before.

You can work on this over a series of months and at the end of it will have the body you want at the size you want it to be at and it will have seemed easy to achieve even though it took longer than you may have expected at the outset. You should aim to lose weight slowly and steadily, because this way you are less likely to put the unwanted extra pounds back on again once you stop dieting or working with your chosen winning dieting program.

In the end, you choose how fast you go, but remember that slow and steady wins this race!


Understanding How Weight Loss Works

A big part of the process of losing weight that makes it more successful for people who are determined to do it is actually understanding how the weight loss process works. Now, most dieters will tell you that as long as you are consuming fewer calories than your body burns, then you will lose weight.

But that’s not the whole story and if you want some tips that work, then this article will give them to you by describing the whole process and why it works the way it does.

While it is true that you need fewer calories in than out for the process to work, there are better or worse ways of masking that happen. The worse way is to just restrict your calorie intake through what you eat and drink while sitting around waiting for it to happen.

Chances are, you will lose some of those excess pounds to start with but the pace of the fat loss will slow down and you’ll get to a place where your body is once again in equilibrium with the number of calories out and in and the process of weight loss will halt.

To make the process more efficient and indeed, to ensure that it works in the long term while improving the way your body looks, you should really combine a healthy, low calorie diet with a manageable exercise program. Now, that may sound like a lot of hard work to many people who would prefer to watch TV and hope their tiny meals will cause their bodies to do all the work for them, but that just won’t cut the mustard!

Exercise is needed for two especial reasons.

The first is that it causes your muscles to work and the longer and harder they work for, the more energy they will burn. This energy must be provided by your body, if we put it into simple terms, That energy is derived from the calories you consume in your food.

When the immediate supply of calories is used up by your muscles as energy, they still need more and the body provides it by taking from its store of fat. That is how excess body mass is lost.

Sure, without any exercise, your body still needs to use energy just doing its regular things like breathing, digestion, pumping the blood around etc. But it doesn’t need so much to do these things.

And when you restrict the in-flow of calories through a restrictive diet, the body starts to slow down its natural processes in order to compensate for the reduction in energy it can use.

Yes, your body will take some energy from your store of fat. But it will limit that and indeed will actually begin to store more fat because you are placing it into what it believes is starvation mode, where it will do everything it can to store energy in order to keep the most important functions going.

In that state, if prolonged for long enough, the body will begin to reduce muscle tissue to conserve energy. This is disastrous for your health as it weakens the body and makes it even harder to lose weight because there is far less muscle tissue with which to burn energy.

So by actually eating more and exercising regularly, you will not only reduce your body’s mass more efficiently, but ensure your body is constantly burning more energy than you are consuming. That’s because the muscles get stronger and in turn need to use more energy to work.

This is self increasing because by needing more energy to work, the muscles draw more from your fat store until you are actually forced to eat more in order to keep them fueled.

Your body, in this state will look great because all the muscles will be toned and strong, tightening up that flabby belly and arms and legs and anywhere else fat was accumulating and making you look slim and toned overall.

And this, my friends is the result that all dieters are really looking to achieve. It’s just a shame that it is almost impossible to achieve this look through a great diet alone, as some exercise is necessary to get that slim, toned look and to make the body strong so that it keeps the weight off in the long term.


Lose Weight with the Cabbage Soup Diet

There are countless diets out there that make a variety of claims to be able to help people to lose weight at a variety of rates from a few pounds here and there to several pounds in a week. All have their merits and downsides, but all are valid for one reason or another. This article, which is original to and protected by copyright, looks at one such diet that makes some amazing claims.

The cabbage soup diet.

First of all, it would help to understand just what is going on with a diet such as the cabbage soup diet plan. This one is derived from a special diet that overweight heart patients are placed on when the go to hospital in preparation for heart surgery or transplants.

In these cases, it is essential that the patient lose some weight before surgery to improve their chances of actually waking up again when its all over! In other words, if you are chronically overweight and in need of heart surgery, you had better lose weight pronto of you’ll die!

So the cabbage soup diet was devised as a way of creating very rapid weight loss in heart patients over a short period of time, such as 5 days to a week, where several pounds can be lost. This is its strength and also its weakness, as a general diet for people who are not in quite such serious danger.

As a strength, going on the cabbage soup diet plan will certainly cause rapid weight loss in the first week or so. But to sustain this new weight, the body has to exercise while gradually re-introducing normal food back into the diet, otherwise all the weight that was initially lost will return, with an extra pound or two just as a reminder not to mess with the body’s metabolism in such a drastic fashion!

That’s its weakness, by the way. Rapid weight loss is often followed by rapid re-gain of the weight unless the diet is continued. The problem with this diet is that is must be halted after a week or so to prevent malnutrition! Why is this?

The cabbage soup diet is low in nutrients and very low in calories. The diet is harsh in that it actually consists mainly of well, cabbage soup! Not much flavour in that and not much bulk either. You can add onions, garlic, tomatoes, herbs and spices but not much more besides.

This is why it is so effective at causing rapid weight loss–simply because it contains so few calories that the body is forced to burn its store of fat to provide energy for normal functioning. It is also why this diet must not be continued over any length of time as the body’s reserve will soon be depleted and the symptoms of malnutrition will appear.

So as a quick jump start diet, this is great to get you started, then switch to a more nutrient rich diet coupled with exercise to continue the initial work and you’ll lose weight and stand every chance of keeping it lost!