Manage Stress to Manage Weight

While there are many factors that lead to weight gain and obesity, one of the most potent yet least observed is that of managing stress. While eating too much of the wrong kinds of food coupled with leading a sedentary lifestyle go a long way to creating the weight gain, stress itself exacerbates the problem.

By reducing this factor in your lifestyle, you can better get to grips with the other factors to turn things around and not only halt the weight gain, but reverse it into a loss.

Damaging Stresses and Strains

Stress acts on the body by directly suppressing the digestive system. This leads to more undigested food entering and remaining in the colon.

It also means that less of the nutrients in the food we consume are used as energy units and more are converted directly into fats for storage. Most notably this becomes visceral fat, better known and loathed as “belly fat” because it tends to accumulate around the torso.

Of all the areas that can be worked upon, stress is actually one of the easiest. That’s because it takes little effort to reduce the amount of stress in our lives.

Tackling the Problem Step by Step

The obvious first step is to take ourselves out of situations which directly cause us stress in the first place, where possible. Next, if this cannot be avoided, such as in the work place, then it can still be dealt with by using relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation and yoga, or self hypnosis.

It also helps to avoid drinking caffeine laden beverages (such as coffee, tea and some soft drinks or soda such as cola drinks). Or at least reduce them to a minimum and this also includes alcohol as these kinds of drinks both increase nervousness which compounds any stress we may be under.

Increased Activity Through Exercise Helps

Good old fashioned exercise itself is a great stress busting activity. That is because it channels the tension into muscle work where it is used to benefit the body rather than being left in limbo to work its destructive forces upon our health.

Swimming, running, cycling, going for long walks in the fresh air etc all raise our mood and give the anxiety a channel to be let out rather than kept in.

Therefore, as one of the most useful of all slimming tips, by keeping a lid on stress and following a healthy diet combined with some daily exercise, you really can go a long way to halting the process that leads to body mass gain. The health-giving benefits of staying calm and relaxed as much as possible are also linked with this and it’s certainly something worth considering.

With this knowledge, you can work on reducing that excess to attain your ideal physical shape and size through nothing more than being mindful of your health and putting it all in to practice. For more information on losing weight, this article here: is a well written and detailed reference on the subject.

You can read it and learn what you might never have thought about before!


Exercise for Long Term Weight Control

There is really no getting away from it, it you are really determined to not only lose weight but keep it off in the long term, you are going to have to not just watch what you eat but do some daily exercise as well. Exercise is absolutely the way to go if you want a great looking body that you will be proud of and that stays looking great.

So why do so many people who tell you they want to lose the excess fat they’re carrying around with them every day, then go ahead and just put themselves on a diet that makes them miserable, but refuse to do any exercise?

Stop Looking for the easy Answer

The short answer is that people are searching for the easy way out. They see a diet as a preferable means to the end they desire without having to bust their behinds in a gym or sweat it out running several miles every morning with all the other lunatics who don’t know the meaning of “getting that extra half hour sleep.”

Well, those “lunatics” are actually the sensible ones who know something the “stay in bed” brigade are missing. Exercising daily at a level that forces your heart and breathing rate up, makes your muscles work.

Not only that, but it causes you to sweat rivers and force your body to metabolize at a much faster rate. That means that you will not only attain a great looking body, but that you will be able to maintain it while mot having to eat rabbit food for the rest of your life!

Finding the Perfect Physical Equilibrium

In fact, many people who exercise for maybe an hour or so every day will get to a stage where they have lost all the pounds they wanted to lose. And now they can pretty much eat what they want within reason and not put on an ounce.

Of course, they will still eat healthily because their bodies need the nutrients to stay healthy and to maintain their strength and stamina so they can keep up with the exercises. But they are not going to sweat over indulging in the odd cream cake, pizza or even a chocolate bar every now and again because their metabolisms will easily cope with the extra load.

When the muscles of the body are used to working hard every day, it becomes routine to burn much more of the sugars that enter the bloodstream during the course of the day. Because this is happening, there is no insulin rush to counter spikes in sugar volume because it is used up very quickly in providing energy for the more active muscle tissue.

So if you think that dieting is the easy way to a better body, think again. It may allow you to lose weight in the short term, but as soon as you stop the diet, all that weight is coming back.

And some besides!

But if you exercise too, then you will benefit in many ways. Not least of all being that great looking body will be yours for good, because you worked for it and you get to keep it as long as you keep working for it.


You Can Lose Weight By Doing the Housework!

It may come as some surprise that it is actually possible to shed some weight just by doing the housework! That’s right, although you need to be pretty vigorous about it to make it effective. Here’s how.

Welcome back again to the blog that helps you to lose weight as naturally and easily as possible using a variety of clever and sometimes unusual tips and tricks. In this post, I want to look at a subject that tends to make people grimace and feel like switching off, but its actually one that can help you to shed that fat without doing anything other than you are already doing.

That is if you’re the one who has to do all the housework! You see, you can turn it around and reduce your body’s fat levels simply by doing all the housework!

The Secret of Domestic Exercise

Here is one of those amazing secrets of achieving a slim and fit body through partaking in some domestic activity that many people don’t even realize exists. You may never look at sweeping that floor in quite the same way ever again!

That’s right! Doing the housework is surprisingly good for you from the perspective that it makes your body work and increases your metabolic rate. And that burns up calories!

When you burn calories you set in motion the fat burning process that leads to that slender body you’ve been dreaming of. And if you can do that by taking what you used to see as a chore and turn it into a viable daily exercise routine–and let’s face it is exactly what it is–then you set yourself up for some healthier days ahead!

So what is it with doing something as mundane as the housework that you can turn into an effective and regular exercise workout?

It’s Vigorous Activity for Sure

The answer is actually pretty simple. Domestic chores, especially the ones you do standing up, require a lot of physical activity and that’s what makes your muscles work hard to use energy.

Take some rousing, invigorating music and get on with doing your sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and cleaning to its rhythm. The trick is to really put your energy into each brush stroke, each swish of the mop or thrust of the vacuum cleaner, each rubbing motion with a cloth, etc.

You’ll find you’ve soon become out of breath and sweating profusely. Don’t worry, because these are good signs that you’re doing a good job of burning off the calories that will lead to you reducing your body fat levels.

And the beauty of this is that it’s all by creating an exercise program out of doing something that you regularly do every day anyway. So how bad is that?

Move with Purpose

The major trick to making this work really effectively is in getting yourself into the place where you are making each move with a real purpose. That means making each sweep of the broom a purposeful one by putting extra energy into it and making it a true workout.

For instance, you could be thrusting back and forth with the vacuum cleaner to the rhythm of a favorite piece of music and say, do ten repetitions with your right arm, then change and do ten more with the left. Do you see how this can work?

It can work for just about any daily chore that you have to put anything approaching effort into.

Do you need to mow the lawn? Don’t use a sit-on mower! Get the hand mower out of the shed and put some effort into pushing it around the place to cut the grass instead.

Feel your muscles complaining at the extra work. And feel smug in that you know you’re getting a huge benefit from it!

A Chore Becomes a Benefit

And just think of the many and obvious benefits that you can derive from this simple, combination of activities.

It’s a great way to make a chore work for you instead of you working for the chore, do you not think? I certainly do and it really works for me!

So no more dreading the daily chores that used to really get me down. Those irritating activities that used to make me angry about all the precious time that was being wasted on doing something that didn’t ever seem to be all that important.

Instead relish those chores with gusto and enthusiasm! Because they are toning up your muscles, improving your health and most importantly, helping you to do what you are reading this to learn how to do and that’s to lose weight as easily and purposefully as possible!