Diet-to-Go Review (2018 Update) Simple!

No time for traditional dieting? Overweight and don’t want to be? Read my review of the convenient and easy meal replacement home delivery Diet-to-Go program and see how you can become slim, healthy and happy faster and easier than you ever thought possible!

Updated for 2018 with the latest info and best strategies for simple, stunning success! Simple!

Before we get started here, I would like you to think on this for a moment: How would you feel if you lost, say ten pounds over the next few weeks just by eating great tasting, great quality home delivered meals?

Would you be glad you went for it?

This is Easy!

How about I told you that you can easily lose that much weight and a whole load more on this diet program that costs a lot less than you might imagine? And you can do it without it taking any of your time away from you?

Now I bet you’re thinking it’s too good to be true, right?

Well maybe it would be if this were a traditional kind of diet. You know, one where you had to work to a recipe sheet and prepare and cook your own meals. Oh, and work out the calorie content of each meal and make sure every one was nutritionally balanced and healthy.

But it’s not like that. With this program, you do none of that kind of work!

In fact, the toughest part of this program is choosing the meals you want to eat for the coming week and ordering them online. And then sitting back to wait for the week’s meals to arrive at your door (they’re pretty efficient at doing that too).

What is Diet-to-Go?

So what is this amazing sounding way of eating and losing weight with none of the hassle of a regular dieting strategy?

Take a good look at the advertisement image to the left. What you’re looking at is the next step in your wish to become slimmer and healthier without having to do anything more than eat the meals they send you.

If you click that ad, you’ll open the official Diet-to-Go website where you’ll see a special discount offer you can also take advantage of by getting 20% off the cost of your first week. Plus you’ll be in position to get started on probably the simplest and most enjoyable way you’ll ever lose weight.

So what is this amazing program? Simple.

It’s a company that takes your order for a week’s supply of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) online that you choose. Then it ships the meals, freshly prepared by their own in-house chefs to your home address.

  • For you, that means
  • No shopping for food
  • No food preparation
  • No calorie counting
  • No portion control
  • No cooking
  • No hassle

Now that’s convenient!

What’s New in 2018?

The company has improved the meals even more with greater choice, a wider menu and great tasting food. They also give you this message:

“No matter what your weight loss and healthy living
goals may be, Diet-to-Go can help you achieve them.”

Some new names for the meal plans to better describe what they’re about and how they can really help you to shed those excess pounds easily just through eating great tasting meals that you don’t even need to shop for.

The plans are:

  • Balance Menu
  • Balance Diabetes Menu
  • Carb30 Menu
  • Vegetarian

They are pretty self explanatory, but just for your information, here is a brief explanation of each.

The Balance Menu is the main one (formerly Traditional Menu). This menu combines great mouth-watering, restaurant quality meals that are packed with great flavors, dietitian-approved, balanced portions of the kind of foods you totally love. The meals are calorie-controlled and nutritionally balanced, Heart-healthy — controlled for sodium, carbs, fat and cholesterol. They also come in vegetarian and no seafood options.

The Balance Diabetes Menu follows the American Diabetes Association guidelines for the right levels of carbohydrates and fats. This menu is designed to really help you lose weight, manage pre-diabetes and prevent Type-II diabetes.

The Carb30 Menu is specially designed for those who understand a classic, Atkins-style, lo carb (carb-restricted) diet. It offers a variety of delicious meals that includes meat, cheese and eggs and can help you lose weight fast and effectively.

The Vegetarian Menu is the veggie version of the Balance Menu. It has been helping dieters to reach their weight-loss goals for an amazing 25 years. This menu combines tasty, mouth-watering, restaurant-quality flavors with meat-free, dietitian-approved balanced portions of vegetarian foods that you love.

What does Diet-to-Go Cost?

You might be wondering if this is as good as it sounds, how much must it cost?

Well, here’s the next pleasant surprise (after the total convenience and superior food quality you just read about). Meal plans start from as little as $125 per week (correct at time of publication) and are fully customizable to suit your individual needs and tastes.

If you maybe think that sounds like it’s not as cheap as something like Nutrisystem or Medifast, you’d be dead right! Those programs are very cheap… but you really do get what you pay for!

For around $10 a day, you can eat freeze dried, water reconstituted pasta and rice meals that are on par with Pot-Noodles with regards taste and quality. Or you can pay the extra and step up a gear to Diet-to-Go high quality, freshly prepared meals made with “real” food” that taste as good as you’ll get in a restaurant and NO nasty processed junk anywhere to be seen.

Diet-to-Go Meal Plans

There are three main meal plans provided by this company (each is individually customizable depending on your tastes and personal choices):

  1. Traditional Menu: made up of mainstream, low calorie and nutritionally balanced meals to suit most tastes and preferences. This is the most popular option for the majority of customers.
  2. Vegetarian Menu: as the name tells you, specially devised for vegetarians with balanced, low calorie meals ideal for losing weight while enjoying great tasting, freshly prepared meals.
  3. Low Carb Menu: for those desiring an Atkins style menu to get the body to burn its fat store faster. It works by restricting the sugars present in carbohydrates that the body generally uses as fuel and replacing it with protein and good fats so the body is forced to use its fat store for energy.

Whichever plan you choose, remember it’s only for a week at a time. You can change plans on your very next order if you want. Or you can customize the plan to receive the meals you decide you want.

Is Diet-to-Go the Right One For You?

Do you think this is something you’d very much like to try? If you lead a busy life and you really want to lose weight but find it difficult to watch what you eat, this can be just what you need.

Perhaps you can’t cook and are relying on store bought ready-meals that are laden with added sugar, sodium and other artificial additives that you are concerned over and that are making you gain weight. Oe maybe it’s simply don’t want the hassle of preparing and cooking your own special low calorie meals at home.

Either way, this can represent a great way of dieting while still being able to enjoy great meals without any of the work involved in running with a traditional diet. The best way to find out for yourself is to simply try it and see!

You don’t need to sign up for any long term program or lock yourself into any kind of long term payment plan. You can order one week’s worth of meals and try it to see how much you like it

If it’s everything you thought it would be, then you simply order a second week, then a third and so on until you have lost all the weight you wanted to lose.If not, then you simply don’t re-order and you’re only our one week of meals that eating regular store meals would have cost you anyway.

So you can try this to see how great it really is and not even be out of pocket!

Are you ready to try it now?

Here’s a hint: Don’t put it off any longer. Make the decision that you’ll start losing those excess pounds right now and still get to eat great meals. Click the advertisement below to get started.




Oh, and enjoy 20% discount off the price of your first week on me!

Dr Cook


The Cost of Low Calorie Diets

When you’re already aware that a low calorie diet is the effective way to reduce what you weigh, it only leaves comparing the cost of the top programs that provide meal replacement menus to make it easy to arrive at the one you’re going on next. For that to happen, you will need to know something about the front runners so you can compare all aspects of each to arrive at your decision.

Of course, when you have finally come up with the motivation to do something about being overweight and after careful research have decided that you want to make use of an easy and convenient diet solution such as that provided by some weight loss companies, there leaves only this one last hurdle to overcome. Deciding on whether you can afford to join their program or not and whether it is worth the price.

Many would-be dieters will need to know the answer to the question, “How much does this or that low calorie diet cost?”

Look for Value

Before finally getting your credit card out, always look around for the best value deals that are being promoted. Luckily for you, there is often a big promotion happening with one or other of the major providers of these programs that will effectively pushed that cost right down. Sometimes, you can find deals that cut the price to its lowest level ever for a certain popular program.

You can learn how to seek out these great deals by simply reading the reviews written recently on the subject both online and in printed periodicals. In fact, you sometimes see television advertising campaigns that are currently underway. These highlight what the new price structure will be for the duration of the promotion so you can go ahead and sign up knowing that you’re getting a great deal!

How Much Food Will You Get?

Some programs will provide you with all your food that you will need for a whole month. This will inevitably result in a high initial cost, but when you work it out week by week or even day by day, the real cost can be crazily low. Plus once you have paid in full, that’s the last you need to worry about it for that month.

Then all you have to do is set about eating it and losing weight while you enjoy the ease and convenience of the particular diet program that you have chosen.

Losing weight is always going to be something of a tough decision for anyone to make. That’s why there are programs around like Medifast, Diet to Go or Nutrisystem to help you lose that weight as easily as possible so you don’t have to stress over so many things.

Cost is just one of those things and one that a diet program like the Medifast diet certainly addresses in an attractive way for most people. It’s well worth exploring for your own benefit.

What Are the Best Diet Reviews?

There is not much point in diving in and signing up with a program like Nutrisystem or Medifast for example if you have no idea what their particular brand of convenience diet entails. You could end up with a diet that turns out to be unsuitable for your needs or personal tastes, so it makes sense to find out as much about it as you can before making the final decision that it is indeed the right diet for you.

The best way to do this is to read some good reviews and get customer as well as expert opinions. However, this leaves you with the problem of how you can tell the best diet reviews from the ones that are no use to you.

Well, that is not as difficult as it seems. Most useless reviews will be pretty obvious to you from the get go, because all they will do is harp on about how great the diets are and only tell you about the good points, which is what you can see for yourself on their television and magazine ads.

What a Good Review Really Is

On the other hand, a really good review will compare the diets and highlight both good and bad points to give you a balanced view on what you can expect when you sign up for the one of their diet plans that best suits you personally. For instance, in our article that covers the topic of reviewing the benefits of Nutrisystem, we highlight some of the aspects of the diet that become evident only upon reading reviews such as that one.

A little useful knowledge can go a long way in helping you to determine whether a diet is right for you. So make sure you research your chosen diet well before buying and you will enrich your experience with the diet. Not only that, but you will be far more successful at losing weight when you know what you are getting into.


What Are the Best Diet Programs?

A side of choosing the very best diet program that you possibly could for your personal needs may not always easy. It helps when you’re informed as to the top options that are out there. Being able to get it right at the beginning can be crucial to attaining success at losing those unwanted excess pounds.

So what if you could skip the part in your process of losing weight where you choose the wrong diet and instead make the right choice? Wouldn’t that be great? Sure it would!

So let’s help you to make the right choice by presenting some of the best diet programs around (according to popularity and customer review satisfaction) so you can not only save time and wasted effort, but money too. Because it can be costly to have to pay for the wrong program, whereas it is much more cost effective to pay for the right one!

Diet Program Reviews – Can They Help You?

Let’s face it, people who are overweight are looking for the best diet program reviews to help them to reach the right decision as to which one to choose for themselves. So good, well written, easy to understand reviews will certainly help you. They are even better if they are factual, honest and unbiased.

The only problem with many reviews of this nature is that they present too many choices. Sure, choice is not a bad thing, but too much can actually make the decision process grind to a halt when faced with too much information! So its actually more beneficial to have just a few good reviews of the best of the best.

That’s the aim here. To review just a handful of what I consider to be the best all-rounder dieting programs that will suit the most people depending on their needs, tastes and lifestyle choices.

There will be mainstream programs like Weight Watchers paired up against progressive programs like the Dukan Diet with a look at diet food delivery giants Nutrisystem diet plan reviews as well as high quality home delivery company Bistro MD.


best diet programsDiets can be separated into two main groups for simplicity. Those that you have to work on yourself and those that you don’t. By that, I mean that with systems like Weight Watchers, Atkins, Dukan, South Beach etc, you have to make your own meals from a diet sheet and keep track of things like calories (or points), portion measurements and the ingredients that go into the special meals you will eat each day.

Whereas, with systems like Nutrisystem etc, you pay for all that work to be done for you.

Each system has its merits and also its drawbacks.

It would seem like having to do all the work on your own diet meals must be the more difficult choice, but the benefits include you get to choose exactly what goes into your meals within the limits of the diet-sheet and you get to eat fresh, home cooked meals. On the flip side, it would seem that paying for Nutrisystem or similar would be the easy choice, but the main drawback is you get the food you are given and have no control over what goes into each meal.

Add to that the fact that the majority of those meals are processed and you then have taste issues to overcome.

So there is basically no right or wrong way to approach the way you eat to lose weight. Its just down to personal taste and whether you have the time to work on a more labor intense diet or you have no choice but to go with a diet that provides all your meals for you.


For many thousands of people, Nutrisystem has been their savior in the battle of the bulging waistline. It has a proven track record that results in effective weight lost for the vast majority of its customers.

Add to that the fact that it doesn’t get much easier than opening a packet and microwaving a meal that is created to provide all your nutritional needs while being low in calories and you have a very slick and straight forward means of shedding those pounds easily.

Does that make this the best choice of diet program?

nutrisystem diet mealsPossibly, and yet maybe not. It depends entirely on your tastes and whether you are able to learn from your experience with this program and keep eating small portions of healthy food once you finish the diet. Nutrisystem diets are geared toward those people who lead busy lives and have little free time to devote to their dieting needs.

In that respect it is king of convenience, because it makes the process easy and effortless.

As already mentioned, the downside is in personal taste. 70% of the meals are processed, like many ready meals you can buy at the store. They contain a number of additives including sodium and will taste like most processed ready meals.

If you’re already used to a diet like this, then the taste won’t be a problem and most customers actually give the thumbs up for taste. However, if you’re NOT used to eating processed food, but your diet is made up of mainly home cooked meals, you are unlikely to find the “processed” taste very palatable.

One thing that is pretty obvious is that a large number of people get overweight because they eat a diet made up of mostly processed foods, junk food and food and drinks high in refined sugar. Not everybody eats this way and gets overweight, but most do!

So a large number of people will find the Nutrisystem meals not dissimilar in taste to what they are already used to. The only disappointment for many people then is in the small size of the meals.

The gotcha for losing weight is that you need to eat smaller meals in order to eat less and consume fewer calories! So this is an educational diet as well, because it teaches your body to get used to eating smaller portions, which it needs to do if your are to keep the weight off once you have lost it! If you can get past these minor obstacles, then I say go for it because this program really is easy and produces very good results.

One last note about the way this diet works. You order and get put on what is called Auto Delivery. This means that when your first month of food is coming near to the end, you are automatically shipped the next month’s supply of meals for which you will be billed. You can cancel before that but you must do it by phone to their customer services department and make sure you do it in good time. One other thing.

If you got a special deal on your first order (like a 40% or similar money off deal, or a free week of food deal), you are expected to stay on the program for a minimum two months. If you cancel before the second month of food is shipped, you will be billed for the difference in cost of the regular price plus the cost of shipping. You have been warned!

if you are OK with all of this so far and think that this might be your best diet program solution for your current situation, then by all means, go ahead and click the special offer banner we have provided below and get started right now. There’s no time like the present while you are motivated and ready to start losing weight! The special offer is current and well worth taking advantage of while its available.

Bistro MD

Like the other mainstream diet food delivery programs that are available that provide all your meals for you so you don’t have to bother with all the hassle of cooking and calorie counting, Bistro MD is a worthy choice. This is especially of you prefer a better quality of food than that provided by some of the other programs reviewed in this article.

In this short review of Bistro MD, you’ll see it provides all the same benefits as its rival with the added benefit that all the meals are freshly prepared by the company chefs and then frozen for shipping. This results in much higher quality of meals and NO processed food!

The other big difference with this program is that meals are shipped in batches of 5 or 7 days at a time. There is also no auto-delivery sting in its tail as you can cancel any time without penalty. So what makes this program a good choice and contender for best diet program?

You can start with the short duration of the shipment packages. This is highly suited to people who like to consider their menu for the coming week and customize it to suit a shorter schedule. If a weekend is coming up that may involve a visit to a restaurant or a stay with relatives, then it may be unsuitable to eat the diet meals. With this plan, no problem.

Simply order the five day plan and have the weekend off. then get back to the seven day plan the following week.

This is probably the most flexible and easily customizable program of all the diet delivery systems and it is this that attracts many customers. The program has been featured on TV on the Dr Phil Show as well as The Biggest Loser.

Is Bistro MD the best choice of diet program?

That depends on whether you like the idea of a convenient diet where you don’t need to put in any effort apart from eating the food supplied plus the high level of customization available. The cost is higher than Nutrisystem but since you only pay a week at a time and can cancel at any time, it can seem more manageable for most budgets.

Dukan Diet

A virtual newcomer to the world of special diet plans, the Dukan Diet started life in France and became so successful that it attained worldwide acclaim as the “next big dieting success story”. Its methods are not particularly new, nor is the way it sets out its menus and strategy, but for many, it is a highly effective means of shedding a lot of weight fairly quickly without impacting health or nutritional needs

In this short review of the Dukan Diet, you may notice that it follows the strategy style of the older South Beach Diet and Zone Diet whereby it sets out definite eating schedules called Phases. These start out very strict, with the first, or “attack Phase” providing a “short, sharp shock” to get the body burning fat and shedding the initial few pounds quickly. Then things are relaxed in the next phase (or Cruise Phase) for longer term, slower and steadier loss of weight.

This is followed by a third or Consolidation Phase which lasts for 30 days and prepares the dieter for their return to normal eating. it ends with the fourth, or Stabilization Phase which get to the long term of sensible eating to maintain the healthier and lighter level of body weight attained in the earlier phases.

The Attack Phase cuts out all carbohydrates to force the body to use fat as its source of fuel instead of the sugars normally derived from the processing of carbohydrates. This sets the body up for the later phases when carbohydrates are re-introduced slowly so that it continues burning fat as well as glucose for energy, resulting in a more sedate reduction in body weight.

This can be likened in some ways to the pioneering Atkins Diet, which used the same philosophy to force the body to burn fat instead of getting its energy from carbohydrates. The downfall was that people were not getting all the nutrients they needed because of the lack of essential carbohydrates from vegetables and fruit.

This problem is solved by Dukan in re-introducing fruits and vegetables in the second phase of the program.

All in all, the diet is a successful one worldwide. It requires the user to prepare and cook their own meals, so it is not as convenient as the kind of plan provided by the likes of Nutrisystem and Bistro MD. If you think this is a good choice for your own personal needs and you have the additional time to devote to staying on top of the program, then perhaps this could be the best diet program for you?

Weight Watchers

Every dieter who has ever tried to lose a few pounds will know the name Weight Watchers. It is synonymous with losing weight through what you eat and one of the longest standing weight maintenance programs of its kind. It has a long history of success with millions of people who swear by its methods and enjoy long lasting success by sticking with them.

There are many different facets to the Weight Watchers program, making it a big one to review faithfully in all its glory. As it is an institution that most are aware of already, there seems little point explaining it in any detail here as most already know how it works!

So instead,I’ll skip the in-depth review and simply take a look at the results you may expect from working with this particular diet program. Not to mention a full blown review of this program is likely to send you to sleep!

Is Weight Watchers the best program for dieters? Well, depending on your needs and how much time you have available to work with it, it can be a very good and well supported program with which to work. However, it’s not for everyone (the same can be said of all the systems highlighted on this page) but for those people it does suit, it is difficult to fault!


There are plenty of alternative ways to lose that excess weight through the food you eat and this page is limited in the amount of information it can realistically provide before becoming too long and overbearing. But just so you know there are some good options to consider, here is a short list of them:

Diet-to-Go: Similar in quality and price to Bistro MD, this is a five or seven day food shipment program that is very popular for its high quality meals. you can read all about this high quality program in my review of Diet-to-Go by clicking that link.

Medifast: Similar to Nutrisystem, this program ships a month of food per package and is recommended by around 20,000 doctors for its good level of nutrition and effectiveness. You can read more about this program in my own review of Medifast by following that link.

Jenny Craig: Also similar to Nutrisystem but with additional program choices, this can be more expensive but provides food of similar quality.

South Beach Diet: This program would seem to be a forerunenr to teh Dukan diet in format and menus. Very effective if you can stay with it for the full term.

Atkins Diet: The original “No Carb, High Fat” diet that launched a brace of copycats. Effective in the short term but caution should be observed if it is intended for longer term dieting and your doctor should be consulted.

As already stated, this is just a short list of alternatives. There are many more that can be effective when adhered to. Sometimes the best course of action is to visit a qualified nutritionist to get a personalized diet plan according to your individual needs, tastes and lifestyle choices.