Beat Obesity with a Doable Diet

Sometimes, there are circumstances where being obese is not so easily beaten when you simply have too little time to deal with the problem. That is something that will probably have people’s jaw’s dropping to the ground, because how could anyone not have time to do something that will ultimately save their life?

But some people work so hard and such long hours in an environment where they are sitting almost motionless for many hours at a stretch, they just don’t have and spare time. I mean the time to get into a kitchen and prepare carefully chosen foods to make a low calorie meal that is both wholesome, nutritious and balanced.

How to Diet When There is No Time

For people who really want to beat their obese condition but simply cannot find the time in their busy working day to do it, there are certain diet companies that provide home delivered, convenience solutions. I already wrote extensively about Nutrisystem, but there are others too that you might want to consider.

The main thing about this kind of dieting solution is that it is easy and very doable, even for busy people. And I’ll be frank here, if you haven’t heard about this particular diet company, then I have to ask where you’ve been for the last 40 years?

Sure, I get it that some folks may have been living in a far away community with no TV or radio, no magazines or newspapers and definitely no Internet. But that means you are not reading this anyway and I can insult you all I want (only kidding…)!

But for those busy people who really need to be sitting down on the job for the long haul, Nutrisystem (or Medifast, Bistro MD, Diet-to-Go etc) has the solution that can help reverse the trend to you gaining weight. They do that by providing you with ready prepared meals that are low in calories and bad carbs, high in nutrition, proteins and good carbohydrates.

And as an added bonus they taste good too! They come in a huge variation of different meals so you never get bored with them and you can use their system to totally replace your regular diet for every meal throughout the day.

How Do They Work?

Hot meals are simply placed in the microwave and served, while cold meals such as desserts, salads etc are taken straight out of the packaging and served! It’s so easy that you can take your day’s meals to work with you in a backpack and eat them at your desk if you have to!

If you drive for a living, you can have the meals ready by your side so all you need to do is pull in somewhere and eat! OK, maybe you don’t have a microwave in your truck, or whatever vehicle you drive.

But if you travel a regular route, you will have regular stops at roadside diners. I’m pretty sure you can come to an arrangement with the management to microwave your meals for you as long as you drink their coffee and tip them well for their trouble.

You Make Your Own Success

It’s all about making use of what you have. If you don’t have access to a diet program and you work too hard to start one, then consider reading my own pretty comprehensive current review of Nutrisystem.

That will help you to understand just how useful this product may be for you. It also explains how it can help you to overcome your problem with obesity while allowing you to carry on working as normal. if you want to check out any of the other diets I have covered, there are links to the top diets in the right column (or bottom of the page for mobile phone users).

If you are obese and need more information to help you get back to health, here is a helpful page on obesity from the US government’s CDC website.


Why Convenience Sells Diets

There is a very good reason why the most popular kinds of diet program are those that are most convenient for dieters. The companies that provide this kind of service know very well that their brand of convenient weight loss sells diet plans better than anything else.

So what is it that makes these particular programs so appealing to customers who seem to fall over one another to get signed up to them?

Simple is Best

The simple answer is, simplicity! People really do prefer something simple over something complicated.

So when you give a dieter the choice between having to sit down with complex charts to fill in, count calories, prepare and cook special meals that have been carefully weighed and measured to ensure the right proportions of ingredients… and a box full of meals that they just grab at meal times, heat up and eat, its obvious which most will go for!

It’s in our nature to be attracted to what is simple and repelled by what takes too much of what looks and feels like hard work. The convenience angle is a selling point that is tough to beat.

Convenience or Cost?

The only thing that puts the brakes on this kind of program being a complete runaway success for its makers is the fact hat they have to be paid for. It doesn’t matter that the cost is offset by the fact that the customer doesn’t actually need to buy any food for the duration of the diet program.

People don’t think along those lines too often because it’s so ingrained in their habitual day to day living they don’t evens see it. Instead, when they see a big number on the price ticket for what is often a month’s worth of meals, they baulk at the starting gate.

Big Results for Small Effort

That doesn’t stop the more determined who like the idea of making diets convenient so they they don’t have to do any work themselves. The cost of the program is just one of those things that people expect to have to get through.

But that aside, plenty of people are won over by the fact that they really don’t have to do much to lose weight with this kind of strategy. They simply view the cost as a small sacrifice to make for having such an easy time of shedding that weight!

Working with Convenient Diets Like Nutrisystem

We are all looking for that easy way to get slim and many people turn to diet as their primary means of achieving this simply because they believe it is easier than exercising. Well, you soon learn that dieting is no barrel of fun either, but there is a type of diet that makes the whole process a little easier to stomach.

They are the convenience diets where companies put together a set period of daily meals and ship them out to your home so all you have to to is store them someplace and take each meal out and eat it when its the right time. One of the most popular of these is of course the Nutrisystem diet program.

Now this may sound like an amazing idea. You might be forgiven for wondering why doesn’t everyone just jump on this bandwagon and forsake all the rest of the many diets to choose from that they more often than not fail with anyway?

Pros and Cons

Well, there are advantages and disadvantages with everything and that includes diets. Convenience diets gain on the ease of use angle while they lose on the meal size, composition and variety angle.

It stands to reason that when a company is putting together ready meals, there is no way they are going to compete with good home cooked meals in taste, texture and quality. Not unless the person who cooks in your house is a lousy cook!

Based on the assumption that you are the one that cooks and you’re proficient in that area, then you are going to be mightily disappointed when you unpack the food sent by these companies. They are small in physical size and suffer from the fact that they have been pre-cooked or processed and packaged for transportation.

Beware Additives

Often they are high in sodium to enhance the flavor of the food although there is no information on whether they use other additives such as MSG or artificial sweeteners in the desserts, so I can’t comment there.

If you fully understand that what you are going to get with the great home delivery diet such as the Nutrisystem diet is convenience at the expense of real quality, then by all means go ahead and do it. They can help you lose weight if you stick to them and because they replace your regular meals, their cost is offset by the fact you don’t have to go to the store to buy food.

They are not perfect, but they do a job and they do it pretty well as long as you don’t cheat on them.

Whatever you choose to do when the time comes for you to begin your own diet food delivery diet, the lure of convenience over hard work is a tough one to avoid. It could even mean the difference between failure and success. What will you choose to do?


More Ways to Win with Nutrisystem

I know I’ve covered several favorable and not so favorable aspects of the Nutrisystem meal replacement diet program in this blog, but it’s such a truly great system that I can’t help myself and keep coming back to it every so often! In this installment, I’m going to take look at some more ways in which you can set yourself up to get the most from this dieting system and really win with your goal of losing that excess weight.

One of the truly great things about dieting with Nutrisystem is that it’s just so amazingly easy to lose weight without you really needing to think about the process. Having said that, while you can actually lose a lot of pounds over time just by eating the food they provide you with and doing little else, it really is possible to boost the level of weight loss by doing some additional things to improve on the already successful formula to further help yourself succeed.


I’ll be blunt here and say that if you are on a calorie controlled diet and not exercising to maximize its effectiveness, then you are doing yourself a serious disservice. Exercise is what increases your metabolism and forces your body to burn more fat while toning up your muscles for a better overall look.

This is exactly what you want to have happen and it may not happen all by itself just by eating low calorie meals.

The thing to do is get up each day with a mind to get active and get that body moving! You might not think it’s doing you much good, especially to start off with. But any exercise that you can do each day will be some more calories you burned and little by little, they will add up to more pounds that you lost over time!

Active Options

What kinds of exercise should you do to get the best results without going overboard in the gym or running what feels like a marathon each day?

The simple answer to that question is you can do anything that will get your body moving. Going for long, brisk walks in the fresh air is one of the easiest ways to get your exercise, but there are many other ways that can also be fun so you can really enjoy losing weight.

Swimming is one of the best overall, full-body exercises you can do because it means you have to use all the muscles in your body to get anywhere. And the more you do and the longer you do it for, the better for you.

Can’t swim? How about joining a swimming class and learn? This can not only be fun but a great way to meet new people and make new friends. It gets you out of the house too, which is important to boosting your mood and gaining more confidence. And the challenge of trying new things can add excitement to your life where before, there may not have been so much of it.

It sounds so simple, yet so many people miss this important step of their weight loss strategy out completely and then complain when they didn’t lose so many pounds on their diet that they expected to. Don’t be one of those people. Get yourself doing some real fun, active exercise every day and salute your success… all the better for knowing it is all down to you!