Why Increase Metabolism?

If you are trying to lose weight and have maybe read some useful articles on the subject, the chances are you will have come across terms like increase metabolism, or raise metabolism, or increase metabolic rate. If you are not sure what these terms refer to, then this article will help you to get a better understanding of what your body’s metabolism is all about and why you really need to increase it in order to lose weight more effectively.

What is Metabolism?

Without going into a load of scientific, medical, jargon-filled narrative that will probably send you to sleep, explaining what metabolism is can be made pretty simple. If you think of your body as a complex piece of machinery, we can draw parallels that will make it all make sense.

A machine needs fuel in order to work, or do whatever it is the machine was created to do. Everyone knows what a car is, so let’s use that as our machine analogy here. For a car to get you from where you are to where you want to be, it needs to be filled with fuel, to run the engine. The engine turns the wheels of the car and makes it go along, so the engine is a most important part of the car! It needs water to keep it cool, oil to cut down on friction of its moving parts and gas to make it run.

The engine will run very efficiently when you put the right kind of fuel into it, which means a good quality oil, the right amount of water and the right kind of gasoline. When you drive the car, you press your foot down on the accelerator to make the car go faster, but what really happens is that causes more fuel (gasoline) to be put into the engine which makes it run faster. This can be likened to metabolism. The faster the engine is required to go, the more fuel it must be provided with or it simply won’t go any faster.

When the car runs out of fuel, you know what will happen. The engine will stop running and you will have to get to a gas station to re-fill it. If the oil runs out, the engine will create more friction and wear out faster. If it runs low on water, it will overheat and stop running and may even get damaged beyond repair.

Now think of your body in those simple terms.

To make it run more efficiently, you must give it the right kind of fuel. That comes from your diet and the food that you provide it with. If you feed your body junk, then eventually, like giving an engine cheap oil, it will wear out faster than normal, you will age quicker and die younger. If you fail to hydrate it properly with water, you also run the risk of damaging it so that it wears out quicker.

But let’s get back to the fuel part of this equation. To make your body run more efficiently, giving it the right kind of food (fuel) will enable it to run at peak efficiency. That means its metabolism will be increased and what happens then is that the body will burn more fuel for a given amount of work. By making it work more through exercise, it enables its muscles to grow in strength as they use more fuel, so creating a snowball effect with growing muscles that are using more energy as they work and can work for longer and harder.

Raising Metabolism

One of the great weight loss tips that you can get is to raise your metabolism so that you burn more calories and store less fat. You do this through eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise as often as possible. All this work means the body needs more fuel to keep going.

If you are overweight, what has happened is that your metabolism slowed down and your body was not using all the fuel it was getting through what you were eating. The excess fuel was getting stored as fat, which is the body’s way of saving what it doesn’t need right now for later when there might be a possibility you are mot able to eat for some time, such as in a famine or if your food source temporarily goes away. Of course, in modern society this rarely happens as we have refrigerators and freezers to keep food, or cans and packaging designed to prolong the shelf life of food.

But in our ancestor’s day, we didn’t have these conveniences, so if food wasn’t available, they didn’t eat. Their bodies used up the store of fat to keep them alive until the food source returned.

Metabolism and metabolic rate is linked to the availability of food, the person’s ability to eat and digest it efficiently and whether the person is active enough to ensure that all the fuel is used up with no fat being stored for later. A higher metabolic rate means you burn more of the food you eat and store less fat. Getting your metabolic rate to go higher is done through exercise and eating the right kinds of food.

If you always wanted to know how to lose weight naturally, then by raising your metabolism through eating a good diet and getting plenty of exercise is the way to do it.

So you can see that if you want to lose weight, you need an increased metabolism to ensure your body is using all the fuel up it is getting through its diet. You also need to ensure it is using some of the fat store every day until the body’s fat levels are low enough to have slimmed your body down to what it should look like and weight what it should weigh!


Why Weight Loss Should be Slow

Notice how there are so many overweight people waddling down the street wherever you go these days and yet we hear there are so many great diet plans and programs available and they are so easy to work with that there is no need for anyone to be overweight! Yet the truth belies the theory!

So what is going wrong and why are there still so many overweight people and why are the numbers growing instead of shrinking? Let’s take a look and see in this myth-busting article that reveals why it is always best to lose those excess pounds slowly and surely.

Reacting to Being Overweight the Wrong Way

One reason could be that when a lot of people realize they have gone past some invisible line and they have woken up to the fact that they must get slimmer, their first reaction is to find the quickest way of doing it. They grab at crash diets mostly, because way too many people are too lazy to do any exercise and see a diet change as the easy way out.

The problem is that crash diets don’t work long term and come with a bunch of problems to boot. People want to lose weight but they don’t want to wait around for it to happen slowly and naturally.

So they try and starve themselves for a few days and then get on the scales to see they probably lost a lot of pounds all at once. Great! They hop off the scales and go straight to the kitchen to get eating their normal diet once more, happy in the delusion that heir problems have been solved. But they haven’t and within a few days, all the weight they lost will be back, plus an extra pound or two for their trouble.

Understanding Why Fast is Wrong

Why does it happen? It happens because starving yourself simply forces your body to take evasive action and slow down all its processes to counter the sudden loss of nutrition. The metabolism slows right down, since it has a lot less to do all of a sudden since the diet is almost non-existent and the body tries to conserve energy.

It’s often called being in starvation mode and in this mode, the body will burn very little energy to try and conserve what it has left. That’s OK while you are wanting to lose weight, but its tough to keep up going without food for so long. Sooner or later you will want to eat normally again and you will!

Returning to Normal

As soon as you start to eat normally, the body conserves as much of that food as fat as it can, in readiness for another bout of starvation, whether it comes or not. That means your body will be storing fat like its going out of fashion and your metabolism will not go any faster until you have returned to the weight it remembers you being (your body has an instinctive memory for recent events and especially recent body makeup).

This is one of the major problems with losing weight fast.

Yet when you do the opposite and lose that weight slowly with a sensible diet, you avert these problems and allow your metabolism to remain active so that you keep the weight off in the long term. That happens because the body has time to adapt to its new digestive strategy and replace old bad habits with new good ones that will stick for the long term.

This is the best way to lose weight and also the safest and most healthy.


Preparing to Lose Weight

A lot of reviews, reports and written advice is given on the subject of how to lose weight by one method or another, but not so much is written on what a person really ought to be doing to prepare themselves for undergoing a weight loss program of any kind. With most things in life, if you want to be successful, you have to be well prepared.

It’s the same for losing weight and if you get yourself in the right state of preparedness, then you stand a much better chance of succeeding in hitting your target,

The first thing you need to have before you begin on your own journey to a slimmer figure is a goal. You need to set that goal to be something that you believe you can achieve.

Go for an Achievable Goal

It’s no use setting a goal so high that to achieve it would take so long that you will have given up long before getting even close. But by setting that goal so that it looks easy enough to achieve in a set time, then you are much more likely to be motivated to go for it! Once you get it, you can simply set the next goal a little further down the road and then set off in earnest to get that one.

This is preparation and it is what we need to do before we can lose weight and have something that we can be proud of. Reaching a goal is certainly a thing to take pride in because you worked for it and got it all by yourself.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

The next stage of preparation involves getting yourself mentally ready for losing weight. Before you eat your first mouthful of your new diet or take your first steps on your new exercise machine, your mind has to be ready to get started.

You have to cultivate a positive mental attitude towards what you are about to undertake, so that you feel good about it and feel motivated to get started.

With the right motivation, you will be able to go into your new daily routine with keenness and vigor. That means you will feel like you have more energy and get up and go just because you psyched yourself up into the right state to go forward with determination and positive enthusiasm to succeed at achieving your goals.

You will certainly know when you feel that great feeling of being positive and motivated. It’s when you seem to have an abundance of energy and more enthusiasm about everything in your life than you ever did before!

Do these two things before you order your diet or get started on whatever weight loss strategy you choose and you will have the best start anyone can have. And as you go on and get involved with your plan, you will feel totally involved and have absolutely zero inclination to ever quit.

You will feel like really getting into it and making the very most of it. And that will get you feeling like you can absolutely achieve what you set out to do. Because you made the conscious decision that you want it and you will have it no matter what!

Dr Cook