Do You Worry About Losing Weight?

If you’re a person that worries about losing weight and then make a big deal of all the reasons why you can’t do it or all the things that are stopping you, it’s time to change your attitude and start being positive about your physical health and the way you look and feel.

mood affects weight lossWhen you are taking your health into account, worrying about anything is actually detrimental to your overall well being and that can affect the state of your health. So when you are worrying about whether it’s OK to worry over losing weight, then the answer is simply that is not OK… and here’s why.

When you worry about stuff, whether it’s your job, your financial situation, your family, your personal health and fitness or any other thing that goes on in your life, then you put yourself in a negative, depressed state of mind, which generates unnecessary stress. That has a knock on effect in several areas of your life.

What’s more, it has been proven by a variety of studies that your health is affected in some measure by your ruling mental state. So being in a negative, depressed or unhappy mental state similarly negatively affects the way your body works and that dictates the overall state of your health.

What is Your Goal?

If your goal is to lose weight and you are constantly in a state of negativity, then you are going to hamper your chances of successfully achieving that goal. Did you know that being stressed has actually been shown in various medical studies to cause weight gain! That’s because it has such a negative effect on the way our bodies deal with the food we eat by depressing our digestive systems, that more of the sugars in that food get stored as fat (far more so than when we are not stressed).

Stress also has a negative effect on our ability to get motivated to do the things that are necessary for us to lose weight and maintain a good level of health and fitness. These things primarily involve eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise.

When we’re stressed, we don’t feel like exercising because we feel lethargic, demotivated and tired. We tend to gravitate towards eating more high carb or high sugar content foods and drinking more sugary drinks like soda because of the imbalance in our hormones caused by the stress.

The very idea of starting a new diet, even if it’s a really easy program like Nutrisystem, or another of my recommended programs such as Medifast, Diet-to-Go, Jenny Craig or any of the other meal replacement home delivered dieting solutions that are out there for your convenience. As for getting out of the front door to do some exercise in the fresh air or even trudging to the gym: It is just not going to happen while you’re in an unhappy, depressed state.

How to Feel Positive

This can all be easily fixed by changing our mood and our ruling mental state. We can do this by thinking about nice things, happy experiences, joyful times we have spent and really getting into the feeling place of those experiences.

The depression will be blown away as we start to feel happier and our mood lifts. With it will come the balance of our mental state, which becomes positive and motivated once more. The stress dissipates and we start to feel more like doing some exercise and eating healthier stuff and feeling confident about losing weight once more.

Here’s the medical part of the explanation: The physical exercise actually boosts our serotonin levels, which is the feelgood hormone our body produces by itself. That acts to further boost our up-beat mood and our willingness to do more exercise and eat better to regain the slim, healthy body we know deep down inside we can achieve.


It’s all a case of getting the mind right and everything else gets in line and follows on. When we’re in a negative mental state, life looks dismal and things are either a major pain to do or they simply don’t get done at all because everything is viewed as an uphill struggle.

However, when we are positive, life looks better and everything we do gets done easier and with more pleasure. That’s because everything is seen in a better light, while stress is driven away and our bodies can get on with doing what they are built to do more efficiently!


How to Lose Weight at Home Without Exercise

Being overweight can make it difficult to get into an exercise routine to begin with at least, so here’s how to lose weight at home without exercise by using your brain. By that I mean figuring out some simple math to ensure that the number of calories you’re consuming is lower than the number of calories your body is burning each day.

If that sounds too simple, don’t worry about something sounding too good to be true just because it sounds too easy. It is and it isn’t! Here’s what I mean.

Fewer Calories In than Calories Out

Most diet plans have you counting those all-important calories for a very good reason. A calorie in this sense should not so much be considered as a unit of how much you can gain or lose weight, but more of a unit of energy that is either in excess or in deficiency with regard to what your body needs.

If you consider a spoonful of sugar containing, for example 100 calories of latent energy and you swallow it, your body would then need to perform enough work to use up 100 calories of energy to keep you in balance. Here’s the simple math part:

  1. If your body did less work and only used up 80 calories, the excess 20 would be converted to fat and stored for later use.
  2. If, on the other hand your body did more work and used 120 calories, you would need to extract the shortfall from your store of fat to maintain the balance.

That’s a very simplified example of how things work, but hopefully it is clear enough for you to see the bigger picture when it comes to energy in and energy out and what your body does with it.

Using More Energy to Use Up Stored Fat

The good news I’m sure you already gleaned from the above example is that the aim here is to make sure your body is burning more energy than you are feeding it through what you eat and drink. You can do that in two ways, with one being rather easier and more desirable than the other:

  1. You can force your body to do more work through rigorous exercise and use more energy than you are taking in
  2. You can eat and drink less with the result you consume less energy than your body uses through normal activity

That nicely adds up to either working out or dieting to lose the excess pounds. Either way works, although I have to admit that dieting is much more effective at reducing fat stores. However, exercise is what you need to do in order to get your body into good shape.

Do both together and you are on to a real winner, obviously!

No Gym Equipment Needed

Another great plus here is that to do this at home, there is no need for any gym equipment or even any specialized diet sheets. It can be kept very simple, which is always the best way to do things.

As far as the change of diet side of things goes, simply use common sense when it comes to what you allow yourself to eat and drink each day. Don’t deprive yourself of what you enjoy, but make sure that whatever that is it is as low as possible in added sugar or sugar substitutes. And keep meal sizes as small as you can get away with.

The trick with limiting what you consume is to restrict calories as much as possible without sacrificing nutrition and health. That’s easy to do by including lots of fresh vegetables with each meal and not eating bread, rice or pasta to bulk out the food.

Avoid sweet desserts too, such as anything that contains cake, pastry, cream (and invariably lots of sugar or high fructose corn syrup). The most sensible thing is to substitute high calorie sweet desserts with fresh fruit for maximum health and nutrition.

When it comes to drinks, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Don’t drink soda! Any soda and that includes the “diet” versions because they all cause weight gain for one reason or another. Stick with plain water and you’ll be amazed at how the weight drops off you if you were drinking a lot of soda before.

With exercise, there are a number of things you can do that are quite easy but will still force your body to use more energy. Things like going for long walks in the fresh air, running up and down stairs, doing some gardening or even housework. You’d be surprised how much energy you use just sweeping up the yard!

I hope I’ve made this article as easy to understand and maybe even a little entertaining for you without going overboard on the strict side of regimented eating and fitness. You really can lose several pounds just by taking a sensible approach to what you eat, drink and how much activity you can do each day over and above what you do now.


Lose Weight and Be Confident

One very important aspect to making big changes to attain personal improvement in all areas comes from the physical aspect of the way a person looks. Many people derive a large percentage of their feelings of confidence and self esteem from the way they look in the mirror.

When a person sees a slim, great looking figure looking back at them in a full length mirror, their self esteem is naturally enhanced because they can see how good they actually look.

What You See is What You Feel

But what if a person is overweight and unfit? How does that translate to feelings of self esteem and confidence when they view themselves in the mirror?

The short answer in most cases is that image erodes a person’s self esteem making them feel less successful and less confident. This can create a snowball effect leading to low self esteem and lack of confidence in social situations where these qualities are necessary to enable the person to elevate their status either socially or in their work.

This is not desirable but can relatively easily be turned around by the person taking action and the necessary steps to lose weight and improve their fitness and health levels.

How to NOT Lose Weight

how to not lose weightThe usual method that people adopt to lose weight is to read some weight loss tips in the hope of getting some ideas on making the process as easy as possible. Then they start a diet and hope the change of diet and what they eat will result in a slimmer, better looking body.

The reality is that in many cases, the diet does not live up to expectations. The person gets downhearted quite early on, especially after only realizing a small amount of weight reduction. They give up and claim the diet didn’t work and that for whatever reason they can’t lose weight.

This is of course a lame excuse for what the reality is, which is the person didn’t try hard enough to lose that weight. Relying entirely on even one of the best diet programs to lose the weight for a person is passing the buck and not taking responsibility for their own well being and appearance.

The only way to make this work is to take responsibility and be prepared to work hard at causing their body to lose weight and become fitter. This means also doing more than just starting a propriety diet plan.

How to Achieve an Amazing Figure

Losing weight is only part of the desired outcome, as the true desire is to have a great looking figure that reflects a slim, fit and well toned physical appearance. This result is necessary to improve poise and deportment and improve confidence and self esteem.

It can only be achieved by eating a healthy diet and exercising daily. In short it means taking the bull by the horns and getting physical.

A great figure is achieved by hard physical work but there is an element to getting mind involved in this that can increase the effectiveness of the physical work immensely. The first step is to elicit the motivation to achieve the desired result.

Be Positive, Be Successful

Developing a positive mental attitude is essential to success. That’s because by creating a mindset that does not leave any room for any outcome other than success, success must be the end result!

A success mindset can be created even where it does not exist. A person can do that by utilizing self suggestion and continually reminding themselves that, “I can” to such an extent that the suggestion takes root in the subconscious mind.

When a suggestion forms and becomes rooted in the subconscious, it must become that person’s reality. It creates a level of faith in a person’s ability to achieve their goal that cannot be shaken and when a person has this faith, then success must result because from faith comes the determination and persistence necessary for success to be realized.