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Lose Weight and Be Confident

One very important aspect to making big changes to attain personal improvement in all areas comes from the physical aspect of the way a person looks. Many people derive a large percentage of their feelings of confidence and self esteem from the way they look in the mirror.

When a person sees a slim, great looking figure looking back at them in a full length mirror, their self esteem is naturally enhanced because they can see how good they actually look.

What You See is What You Feel

But what if a person is overweight and unfit? How does that translate to feelings of self esteem and confidence when they view themselves in the mirror?

The short answer in most cases is that image erodes a person’s self esteem making them feel less successful and less confident. This can create a snowball effect leading to low self esteem and lack of confidence in social situations where these qualities are necessary to enable the person to elevate their status either socially or in their work.

This is not desirable but can relatively easily be turned around by the person taking action and the necessary steps to lose weight and improve their fitness and health levels.

How to NOT Lose Weight

how to not lose weightThe usual method that people adopt to lose weight is to read some weight loss tips in the hope of getting some ideas on making the process as easy as possible. Then they start a diet and hope the change of diet and what they eat will result in a slimmer, better looking body.

The reality is that in many cases, the diet does not live up to expectations. The person gets downhearted quite early on, especially after only realizing a small amount of weight reduction. They give up and claim the diet didn’t work and that for whatever reason they can’t lose weight.

This is of course a lame excuse for what the reality is, which is the person didn’t try hard enough to lose that weight. Relying entirely on even one of the best diet programs to lose the weight for a person is passing the buck and not taking responsibility for their own well being and appearance.

The only way to make this work is to take responsibility and be prepared to work hard at causing their body to lose weight and become fitter. This means also doing more than just starting a propriety diet plan.

How to Achieve an Amazing Figure

Losing weight is only part of the desired outcome, as the true desire is to have a great looking figure that reflects a slim, fit and well toned physical appearance. This result is necessary to improve poise and deportment and improve confidence and self esteem.

It can only be achieved by eating a healthy diet and exercising daily. In short it means taking the bull by the horns and getting physical.

A great figure is achieved by hard physical work but there is an element to getting mind involved in this that can increase the effectiveness of the physical work immensely. The first step is to elicit the motivation to achieve the desired result.

Be Positive, Be Successful

Developing a positive mental attitude is essential to success. That’s because by creating a mindset that does not leave any room for any outcome other than success, success must be the end result!

A success mindset can be created even where it does not exist. A person can do that by utilizing self suggestion and continually reminding themselves that, “I can” to such an extent that the suggestion takes root in the subconscious mind.

When a suggestion forms and becomes rooted in the subconscious, it must become that person’s reality. It creates a level of faith in a person’s ability to achieve their goal that cannot be shaken and when a person has this faith, then success must result because from faith comes the determination and persistence necessary for success to be realized.


Sugar vs HFCS: The Worst Cause of Obesity

Anybody who wants to lose weight knows they need to cut back on their sugar intake because it’s just empty calories. But what about High Fructose Corn Syrup (Starch) HFCS, sugar’s evil twin?

high fructose corn syrup dangersIn this post, I’m going to say what I think about the uncanny correlation of the rise in obesity to the rise in food and drinks products that have HFCS as their main sweetening ingredient instead of old fashioned sugar (sucrose) over the last few decades. Now I know I won’t get a lot of “experts” want to agree with me because doctors and medical experts are running scared of the immense power of the big bad food industry.

Politicians won’t likely agree with me either, probably because their very existence on the political stage has some relation to the lobbying power of the food industry. And of course the food industry itself will almost definitely pooh pooh the very idea that HFCS has anything to do with making people get fat, fatter, obese.

How to Lose Weight Now

So now we’ve got the controversy said and out in the open, here’s what I think – or more precisely, what I know.

If you really want to lose weight and get back to the shape and size that your body is supposed to be according to your skeletal structure and genetic makeup, you really need to do three things.

  1. Stop eating and drinking products that contain HFCS
  2. Start exercising every day
  3. Start drinking enough plain water to keep your body correctly hydrated

Oh and one other thing. Eat only fresh, wholesome foods that you prepare and cook yourself (or get your mom to do it for you). I mean lots of fresh vegetables, lean meat and fish if you’re not vegetarian or vegan and include a sensible portion of healthy nuts, seeds and legumes with some healthy oils (extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil).

As long as you aim for moderation in the portion sizes of the meals you eat and simply do not drink any drinks that are flavored and sweetened (whether they have sugar or sugar substitutes) and you do some light exercise every day, you will amaze yourself and your friends as the pounds start to drop off as if by magic.

Easy It Is NOT!

Now I’m not saying this is some kind of easy solution that no one ever thought of before. It most certainly is NOT easy to lose weight you put on over a long period of time.

But it is possible to lose it anyway as long as you make the conscious decision to stop pumping your poor body full of man made additives and poisons and that includes HFCS, sugar and its substitutes and artificial sweeteners. Here’s why.

Chances are, the majority of the excess weight you’re carrying around with you is made up of visceral fat. That’s the kind of abdominal fat (or belly fat) that plenty of medical experts will tell you is potentially dangerous to your health and very difficult to shift once it’s there.

Visceral fat acts like it has a mind of its own.

Bad Fat!

This kind of bad fat is produced when the body can’t use up excess sugars through exercise (muscle work) or – and here’s the kicker – it doesn’t know what else to do with what just passed through your stomach. Yep, you read that right.

I’ll try and explain this in as down to earth terms as I can, so excuse me if it doesn’t sound quite as scientific as it probably should.

When the liver, which as part of its many functions processes sugars and turns them into glucose to fuel the muscles, encounters a sugary substance it doesn’t know what to do with, it turns it all into visceral fat cells. Since the body doesn’t know what to do with foods that are laced with certain powerful pesticides or is genetically modified, as is the case with corn and by association, anything with HFCS as its sweetener, the liver can’t metabolize them into glucose.

So instead it just turns them directly into visceral (adipose) fat cells. These cells are what the body deposits in the abdomen, around major organs and the small intestines.

Very Bad Fat!

Visceral fat cells when they get together in large quantities, as happens when a person becomes obese, start causing havoc in the body. They really do seem to have developed a kind of sentience because once they’re there, they start exuding hormones to stop the body getting rid of them!

There are a number of hormones and chemicals these cells produce in an apparent effort to ensure their own survival as virtual parasites in the human abdomen. The list of problems they can cause is longer and nastier than many people realize.

Visceral fat is now known to be in part or wholly responsible for the creation of cancerous cells forming in various parts of the body. They are linked with type 2 diabetes and a number of weight related diseases. They even trick the body into craving high sugar foods in order to feed them and make more of themselves!

Did you ever wonder why as you gain weight you seem to want to eat more and then gain even more weight?

Now you know the answer!

Think LEAN!

Following on from what you just learned, the natural and obvious answer is to reduce the volume of visceral fat in your abdomen. You can’t do that quickly but you can do it slowly and methodically.

As I already said above, you need to cut out all foods and drinks with HFCS as well as other sugars and artificial sugar substitutes from your diet. You need to get tough with yourself here. Put your foot down and mean it when you say you want to lose weight!

Stop making empty promises to yourself. Really mean what you mean and do what you say you’re going to do!

It’s the only way to fight back against those insidious little fat cells growing away happily inside your insides and stop them in their tracks. Hit back by starving their evil little plans to ultimately kill you by not giving them the nourishment they want.

Sure you can try the easy way by going on nice, convenient diet programs like Nutrisystem or Medifast for example. But while they can help to a certain extent, the best way to win is to get tough and eat the right foods in the first place. All the time.

I don’t apologize for sounding a little hardass in this article. I’m quite serious about this. I can see what is happening in food and the way people are eating under the misinformation and trickery of food labels that make you believe something is healthier than it really is.

It’s time you saw it too and took action to get your health back!


The Potency of Visualizing Weight Loss Success

There is a huge benefit to using every trick in the book to stay motivated to succeed in your weight loss strategy and achieve your own goals. One such trick is to make full use of images to help you to keep on the straight and narrow path that leads to your success.

Images can be powerful when used to help motivate a person to stick to their chosen program or strategy. This article takes a look at how it works and how this can be used to great advantage for your own slimming program.

What Kind of Images

The first thing you need to be aware of is the kind of images that will motivate you to keep up with your own methods, as well as those that can actually hold you back. It doesn’t matter what kind of weight loss strategy you are employing, whether it be a fitness regime or a diet program such as Nutrisystem, Medifast, the Dukan Diet or a customized diet sheet you got from a nutritionist.

You need to aim for what will make you feel good and be in the frame of mind to win. It might sound obvious, but the kind of pictures that are positive in nature will spur you onward to success while negative ones will reign you in.

But What is Positive and What is Negative?

Positive images are ones that not only make you feel good when you look at them, but they have the effect of impressing your subconscious mind with the advantages of having already achieved the success you desire. So a picture of a nice looking, slim person with a relatively fit, toned figure looking back at you from your fridge door is positive.

A negative image is one that makes you feel bad and impresses the subconscious with failure and the “I can’t do it” attitude. So a picture of a fat person staring at you from your fridge door is actually negative. Even when you think it might remind you of what you are trying not to be any more.

Success is a state of mind and when that mind is in a positive state, you will succeed.

Fat vs Thin

But why, you might ask does this work? The simple answer is that you need to impress your mind with the successful outcome you are trying to achieve to get the full motivational power of the image.

You should always focus on what you want and never focus on what you don’t want! Focusing on what you don’t want (in this instance, being a fat person), all you do is impress you mind with looking and feeling fat. That can destroy your self esteem, wreck your confidence and dissolve your motivation to work toward that which you do want!

It cannot be stressed enough that if you are determined enough to lose weight, then you will do so through your own commitment and by sticking to the basics before trying out all the extra stuff that can often clutter up any straight forward and working plan of action.

So use positive images and you will amaze yourself at how they can help you achieve what you set out to achieve.

Do Not Fail Yourself!

Failing to lose weight on whatever strategy you have chosen to work with can be pretty soul destroying, never mind a costly mistake in some cases. But how much of that failure can you really and truly attribute to a diet or your strategy itself and how much of the blame do you honestly think lies with you?

You only have to read up on some of the complaints from failed dieters that proliferate the Internet to see that there is no one diet solution that is easy and foolproof. Many would very easily work for most people who stick to their guns, but too many look for excuses to quit, whether it be conscious or not.

In fact, one could speculate as to the real reason those who do not succeed end up complaining loudly that this or that diet failed them as being more likely that they were the ones who failed the diet and not the other way around. They ingrain negative images in their minds of failing and then they go right ahead and fail!

Turn Failure into Success

This goes for just about any of the major diet solutions that are around today. While the majority of dieters will lose weight with their chosen diet companies or programs, most of them tend to keep quiet about their success. After all, you lost weight and now you’re enjoying wearing those great clothes, so what’s there to shout about?

On the flip side, the ones that failed to lose weight are prone to make a noise about it, especially if they themselves had a hand in that failure by not adhering to the diet one hundred percent. The reason for that is because they would rather make a noise and blame the diet for their failure than admit they cheated or didn’t follow the diet’s instructions to the letter!

Don’t be one of those failures!

You can stamp out failure by replacing it with faith in yourself and your ability to succeed if you really are determined to succeed. Faith is the opposite of failure and where faith is strong, failure just can’t get a look in!

As long as you go into whatever strategy you have chosen with strong faith in yourself as a success and visualize that success in your mind every day, you’ll win. Stay determined and persistent in striving for the win, stick to the diet or whatever plan you’re using and you might just surprise yourself at what you really can achieve when you really want to and really pit your heart and soul into it!