Supermodel Body Workout Methodology X Review

What would you do to work toward a supermodel body shape that you seriously desire? Celebrity trainer Dan Roberts created his Methodology X fitness workout program just for you to make it easy and rewarding as well as fun and effective in a program you can do at home!

At last there is a home fitness workout course that you can do at your own pace under the professional instruction of one of the celebrity world’s most popular and sought after personal trainer! That course is here, it available right now and you can buy it right now online: keep reading!

Where Are You Going Wrong?

methodology x reviewMany of us want to achieve a great looking physique that we’d be proud of in a swimsuit at the beach or the pool. But achieving the desired shape, size and weight is often difficult. In many cases, our best efforts are doomed to failure before we even start!

Why is this?

The problem for many people is that they’re often going the wrong way about it without even knowing what they’re doing wrong. It can be any number of things, but the good news is that if you’ve been trying hard but just not getting the results you want, it could be that all you need is the right kind of instruction and coaching.

That would be amazing, but we all know that hiring a top personal trainer costs way more than most people can afford! So what’s the good news part about that you may ask?

Well, thanks to the power of technology and the amazing ability of the Internet to reach people almo0st everywhere now, you can turn on your TV, put in a DVD or a memory stick and get expert instruction from a top professional trainer right there in front of you in your own home. And for pennies on the dollar compared with hiring a personal trainer to come to your home.

Who is Dan Roberts?

Maybe you haven’t heard about Dan Roberts or maybe you have. If not, I can tell you he is one great guy and is in incredible demand from celebrities and top supermodels to whip them into shape for their next engagement. And he delivers!

Dan has an almost magical ability to work with even the most petulant, diva-ish models and get them working out like athletes in no time at all. With the results speaking for themselves when thy get in front of a camera.

Dan Roberts has the knack of getting top models in great shape fast and professionally… because that’s his job!

And he can do that for you too!

Benefits of Methodology X Reviewed

The main problem all top personal trainers face is they can’t be in more than one place at one time, so their personal time is extremely valuable. It is typically snapped up by the highest bidder and the rest can only look at the amazing physical results he produces and drool in jealous frustration!

By creating his Methodology X home fitness program, Dan has gotten around this problem by making it possible for him to show up on the TV and computer screens of everyone who needs him. And he can do that for a fraction of the price he would charge for a physical, one-on-one session!

So what are the benefits?

  • Learn exercise routines to get you “model fit” without the need for a gym
  • Achieve a slimmer, fitter and stronger body quickly
  • Take inches off your hips without any change to your diet
  • Increase lower back and core strength
  • Improve balance, co-ordination, endurance and body strength
  • Firm up abs, inner thighs, arms and bottom
  • Look and feel absolutely great

The great thing about this program is you can do it all from home at a time that suits your way of life and at a surprisingly affordable price you won’t believe!

How Does it Work?

Top international model Stephanie Carta teams up with top trainer Dan Roberts to provide the video training together along with showing you all the key exercises and fitness techniques that you can learn to do at home. It’s a truly amazing way to get the kind of body you totally want to have!

The full program schedule is only 21 days, but you can be flexible about that to suit your own personal schedule. Of course the best results will come to those that stick to the program schedule. So plan ahead and make sure you give yourself the best possible chance of success.

What Does it Cost?

The good news just keeps on coming. There are no monthly subscription payments with this program. You pay a one-time fee to buy the course material and it’s yours for ever!

How much is that?

Well, how about just $39.95 sound–to get the body of your dreams?

That’s right! But you have to grab this special offer right away before the price goes up. Click the link below to see just how much you can save right now by getting your copy while it’s still available at this crazy low price!


The Problems Drinking Super Size Soda Create

Maybe you haven’t noticed what has been happening these days in fast food restaurants and other food outlets, but there has been a new initiative to increase profits by franchise owners and store managers. It comes in the form of providing customers with super size meals accompanied by super size soda!

This, you might think is a nice way for the restaurants and stores to offer people better value for their money. But the only value in giving customers even more calories for their already bloated bodies to cope with is in favor of the cash register.

People really don’t need to eat and drink more when there is an obesity epidemic sweeping through the country that is seeing unbelievable numbers of people getting overweight and obese. So what is the problem with those super size sodas?

Making a Bad Thing Bigger

Well, by making an already extremely unhealthy product even more easily available in huge quantities, the sellers are handing their customers a virtual loaded gun with which they are happy to point at their heads and pull the trigger. All those extra calories in the mammoth size cups of soda (or should we call them buckets?) go straight on the waistline of those poor deluded people and they are so busy thinking they are getting such great value for money, they don’t even notice.

How many of those customers even realize the implications of the additional load they are placing on their bodies? How few of them will figure out they need to change their whole food and drink consumption process or even start a new low calorie diet in an attempt to to halt the damage they have been doing to themselves and try to reverse the dangerous increase in their body weight?

In truth an extra 500 or more calories to each meal might not seem like much, but when you add it all up it converts to extra pounds of weight piling onto already overweight bodies. The internal damage being done by all that extra sugar (sucrose or high fructose corn syrup) is crazy.

This stuff gets processed by the liver into visceral fat. That’s the dangerous kind that wraps itself around major organs including the heart and secretes a hormone that promotes the growth of cancer cells.

…and It Just Gets Worse

In other words, recent scientific studies into the effects of excess sugar consumption have concluded that eating too much of it can trigger cancer, particularly the breast and colon varieties. This massive increase in the amount of refined sugars that we are eating in our diets which has been on the increase since the 1950s but has exploded in the last 20 years could actually be responsible for the massive increase in cases of breast and colon cancer. Think about that!

It’s not just the link excess sugar consumption has with cancer that we should be concerned about. There is the more prolific health problem of type II diabetes that has also reached epidemic proportions in almost perfect ratio to the explosion in the obesity figures.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of figuring out to see the obvious correlation between consuming too much sugar in foods and beverages and the wide range of health problems that more and more people are suffering from these days. Yet so many people keep on buying and consuming the products that are at the root cause of the problems, it is as if they are blind to the consequences. Don’t be blind!

So next time you are visiting a fast food joint, don’t be tempted to super size. In fact, don’t even be tempted to go large.

Better still, don’t even go in there! Get yourself a healthy lunch instead and start losing some of that weight before it literally kills you.

You can get more information on the problems associated with super sizing soda in children in this explosive article:


Exercise for Long Term Weight Control

There is really no getting away from it, it you are really determined to not only lose weight but keep it off in the long term, you are going to have to not just watch what you eat but do some daily exercise as well. Exercise is absolutely the way to go if you want a great looking body that you will be proud of and that stays looking great.

So why do so many people who tell you they want to lose the excess fat they’re carrying around with them every day, then go ahead and just put themselves on a diet that makes them miserable, but refuse to do any exercise?

Stop Looking for the easy Answer

The short answer is that people are searching for the easy way out. They see a diet as a preferable means to the end they desire without having to bust their behinds in a gym or sweat it out running several miles every morning with all the other lunatics who don’t know the meaning of “getting that extra half hour sleep.”

Well, those “lunatics” are actually the sensible ones who know something the “stay in bed” brigade are missing. Exercising daily at a level that forces your heart and breathing rate up, makes your muscles work.

Not only that, but it causes you to sweat rivers and force your body to metabolize at a much faster rate. That means that you will not only attain a great looking body, but that you will be able to maintain it while mot having to eat rabbit food for the rest of your life!

Finding the Perfect Physical Equilibrium

In fact, many people who exercise for maybe an hour or so every day will get to a stage where they have lost all the pounds they wanted to lose. And now they can pretty much eat what they want within reason and not put on an ounce.

Of course, they will still eat healthily because their bodies need the nutrients to stay healthy and to maintain their strength and stamina so they can keep up with the exercises. But they are not going to sweat over indulging in the odd cream cake, pizza or even a chocolate bar every now and again because their metabolisms will easily cope with the extra load.

When the muscles of the body are used to working hard every day, it becomes routine to burn much more of the sugars that enter the bloodstream during the course of the day. Because this is happening, there is no insulin rush to counter spikes in sugar volume because it is used up very quickly in providing energy for the more active muscle tissue.

So if you think that dieting is the easy way to a better body, think again. It may allow you to lose weight in the short term, but as soon as you stop the diet, all that weight is coming back.

And some besides!

But if you exercise too, then you will benefit in many ways. Not least of all being that great looking body will be yours for good, because you worked for it and you get to keep it as long as you keep working for it.