Nutrisystem Back to School Sale: $80 Off August 2017

This August take advantage of the Nutrisystem Back to School Sale that offers $80 off Uniquely Yours 4 week auto delivery orders. Lose weight for less!

If you’ve been awhile on the fence about trying one of the great Nutrisystem diet plans to help you lose weight and get slimmer before the end of the summer, now is good time to stop hesitating and start losing! Everybody loves to get things cheaper than their regular price and now’s your chance to get started on this unbelievably popular program.

Nutrisystem $80 off discount

Note: On Sep 1,
this promotion ended.
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What’s the Nutrisystem Deal?

The deal is pretty simple. If you order a four-week Uniquely Yours plan between now and August 16, the company will give you an $80 discount on the regular price. That’s a pretty big saving, so don’t wait until after it’s gone, because when it’s gone, it’s gone!


Nutrisystem Deal Extended Until August 31!

Awesome! The latest news just in is that this incredible deal has just been extended until August 31 for everybody who couldn’t get signed up before the original Aug 16 deadline. That’s great news for anyone who might have been unable to get started in time but can now take advantage of the deal extension.

Click the promo banner to the right to get started right away!

A part of the deal that you need to know about is that you need to sign up with the auto-delivery program to get your discount. Now I’ve heard plenty of folks complain about things they didn’t know about, so just to keep you in the loop so to speak, I’m going to tell you what this means.

Nutrisystem Auto Delivery Problems

The concept of auto-delivery is pretty straightforward is you’re prepared to accept one or two conditions to get the discount. What it means is you agree to accept and pay for at least two deliveries of four-week food packages. The company simply ships the second order automatically and charges your credit card accordingly.

Where a lot of folks get caught out is they think they can order the first month, take advantage of the discount off the cost and then cancel before the second shipment gets sent, believing the don’t have to pay for it. That’s wrong!

If you want the discount, you need to accept the second shipment. You can cancel inside 14 days after the second shipment has been delivered (you need to do that by phone, not via the website).

OK, I hope you get that.

The reason they do this is of course they want you to order two or more food packages so they make more money. That much is pretty obvious, for sure. They entice new customers with a big discount off the first month’s shipment and then make they profit off the second month’s shipment charged at full price.

It’s not robbery or scamming or underhand in any way, just common business sense. The company set out the terms on the website homepage for anyone to read. So if you’re sensible enough to make sure you read any small print, your good to go. You can choose if you want to do the diet for at least two months and get a discount off the first month, or not do it and walk away.

If you didn’t read it, sorry to say… but that one’s on you!


If you’re the kind of person who reads small print and does due diligence on any offer before you buy, you’ll already have figured out I’m writing this page with a view to promoting the offer. I don’t mind admitting I get paid a small commission if someone buys it and they came from this page.

Sure, I like to help folks, but I don’t sit here typing stuff on a computer for nothing! I do some of both. If you’re cool with that, by all means read on. If not, no problem. I get it. Don’t read on!

There are obvious benefits to dieting with Nutrisystem’s plans, especially if you’re a busy person with no time for traditional diets but you are overweight and you want to do something about it. The program is designed for you and not so much for someone who likes home cooked meals who has time to do all the diet-sheet and calorie counting charts thing.

You can certainly lose weight with this program. For it to be most effective, I’ll level with you. You need to stay on it for at least 8 weeks. 12 weeks is better. That goes for most diets, by the way. So this revelation should come as no big surprise to you.

That’s part of the plus side of doing auto-delivery. You decide you’re going to set aside all doubts and excuses and place yourself on this diet for a set amount of time. You can expect to lose around 1-2lbs per week on average over the course of the program, which is deemed a healthy rate of weight loss by health and medical experts alike.

That means if you stay on it for 12 weeks, you should expect to lose 12-24lbs in that time. Be real about this.

DO NOT expect to buy 4 weeks of food and lose something crazy like 30lbs or so in that time. That is highly unlikely and considered by doctors as too fast and even potentially dangerous to health.


I’m giving you guys fair warning here. No buttering it up. I tell it the way it is and that’s real. The TV ads might have you believe you can lose a lot of weight real fast, but in reality, those high weight loss figures you might see are really achieved over long periods of 6 months to a year on the program.

I hear a lot of complaints from customers who tried it, didn’t like the food or didn’t like this or that aspect of the program and quit. Plenty didn’t read the small print, or didn’t bother to find out what the food was really like before they bought. Or dozens of other reasons/excuses.

What I’m trying to say here is I’m writing all this to give it to you straight so you don’t go into this with your eyes shut and then find a whole bunch of things about it you don’t like.

There’s no easy street when it comes to getting in shape and dieting is no different. It may be the easiest way for many people to lose several pounds–certainly easier than working out every day in the gym or running a half marathon every morning. But you still need to be self-disciplined for dieting to work.

You may already know this from reading my own review of Nutrisystem: it helps you stay disciplined and on track while you simply eat the food and lose the pounds. Sure it won’t happen overnight, but if you can stick to the program and only eat what they tell you to eat (and provide for you) and accept it will take several weeks at least, you can do it!

If you’re happy with what I’ve told you and you’ve done some more due diligence o0f your own and you are determined to start losing weight and you want that $80 discount… please click the image banner below to get started.


Nutrisystem back to school deal $80 off


As I mentioned above, on Sep 1, the promotion closed so the link associated with the image has been removed. It would have redirected you to the official Nutrisystem website and in doing so will inform them that I sent you. But don’t worry, you can still get the current 40% Off by using the current promo advertisement in the review article on the front page (homepage) of this website.

The rest, as they say, it up to you!


Nutrisystem 4th of July Sale $200 Off!

If you’ve been hesitating and dithering over getting started with a Nutrisystem diet, now is a great time to take advantage of their 4th of July Sale that has just been announced!

From now through 7/7/17 you can get an amazing $200 off the cost of your diet plan plus some really cool extra bonuses that include FREE:

  • Turbo Shakes
  • Shipping

This discount is their steepest of the year yet. It is broken out as you get $50 off the first, third and fifth shipments of meals, as well as $25 off each of the second and fourth consecutive meal shipments. Think of it as a great long-term saving when you decide you’re going to really do something positive about your weight by getting on the diet plan that thousands of other satisfied dieters have already lost an incredible amount of excess pounds with.

Why is the Nutrisystem Diet So Successful?

Nutrisystem 4th July Sale 2017You’re probably wondering why a dieting program like Nutrisystem has been so successful for its customers over the years. The simple answer is that it provides everything you need to eat every day for each four week shipment and what you eat brings down your weight through a combo of low calorie, high nutrition meals and a level of ease and convenience that is not available with any other program.

When I talk about ease and convenience, I’m talking about the fact that every meal you’ll eat during your time on the program is shipped to your home in individual packaging and all you do is take each meal as you need it, open the packet and follow the simple instruction to prepare it. That usually means put it in the microwave for a minute or two.

No cooking or meal preparation required period!

If that doesn’t sound super easy, I don’t know how anyone could possibly make it any easier for you! Aside from having your own chef and waiter in your home every day to prepare, cook and serve you the meals of course. But that would be rather expensive, I imagine.

Low Cost Dieting

With Nutrisystem, you certainly won’t need to worry about expense. This is one of the lowest cost meal replacement diet food delivery programs on the planet!

Add to that the fact that it has helped many thousands of people to lose weight with surprising ease and you could soon be joining the many successful dieters that made the right decision to choose this top performing diet program over any other.

Now I’m not going to shove a big advertising banner in your face here, even though it would be a good place to do that now I can see you’re all fired up and want to see the biggest discount deal of the year for yourself. Instead, I’m going to suggest you take a look at my fully researched and detailed article reviewing Nutrisystem by clicking those words in blue, to open the page right here.

You’ll find a nice promotional image that will take you direct to the official Nutrisystem website and their latest, greatest offer right there. You’ll also find my honest review that you can read to learn all about the program and what it entails as well as how it can really help you to get back in shape and into that swimsuit before the end of summer if that’s what you’re aiming to do.

That’s because when you take it all down to basics, all we really want from this is to look our best, feel great and maybe even receive a nice compliment from someone on how great we look today!

Of course, if you just want to head over to the official website right away to take a look for yourself, here’s a handy link: or do me a big favor by clicking the ad at the top of this website’s home page to get the latest deal plus it tells them I sent you!


Change Your Diet for a Slim Healthy Body

It may come as no surprise to hear that a lot of overweight people find it difficult enough to go on a diet that is restrictive and often boring to eat and many ultimately fail to lose any weight over the course of the program. The answer is to find an easy-to-follow dieting program that is convenient, hassle-free, has food that tastes good and supports you throughout.

The first hurdle to overcome is getting past the excuses and alibis you habitually use to delay or postpone getting started. In other words, you need to toughen up, quit whining and give yourself a swift kick up the backside. And go ahead and do it!

Admit What You’re Doing Wrong

slim healthy body dietIt doesn’t really take all that much common sense to understand that if you are eating all the wrong foods in amounts that are more than your body can handle, then you are going to keep gaining weight until your doctor pronounces you clinically obese. Likewise, if you take that idea one step further, then it is pretty obvious that a change in diet is going to bring about a reversal in the trend of gaining weight so that you start to lose it again and ward off your doctors wrath.

So how do you go about changing your diet to effectively halt the progress of your bathroom scales and set about a decline in the number of pounds they tell you that your weigh each week? One way, if you really can’t face changing the way you shop for food is to have that option taken away from you completely, at least for long enough to get you to break the habit of buying all the wrong foods and thereby having them in the house to tempt you at every turn.

Take the Easy Solution

The best way of doing that is to sign up for one of the diet food delivery plans that are very popular, because they send you all the food that you need to eat.

If you read some good Nutrisystem reviews like the one in that link for instance, you’ll see that there is a very successful and popular means of losing weight while at the same time weaning you off the habit of shopping for junk food. You get used to eating smaller, healthier meals that are low in calories while also containing all the nutrients your body needs so that you not only lose weight but also improve your health.

You Can Do This!

After one or two months on a diet like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Bistro MD or Medifast for example, you can quit and set yourself up on your own diet plan where you can re-introduce a few of the things that you like as long as it is only a few, while making the main bulk of all your daily meals healthy options. You do this by only buying fresh ingredients and learning to cook if you don’t already know how to.

That way you can create your own delicious, healthy diet meals. The kind of meal that will not cause you to gain the weight back that you have just lost through your previous home delivered, meal replacement diet plan or help you to continue with your weight loss plans right through to a successful result.

Getting healthy and losing weight through your diet is a great way to end up with a beautiful body without too much effort as long as you can stick to that dieting program without cheating or quitting. If you can do that, then you can have a slimmer, better looking body while enjoying better health for your trouble!