Lose Weight with Will Power!

There is an incredible amount of power stored up in our minds that most of us don’t realize is there. It’s known by several names, but sheer will power is probably the best known.

Will power is the thing that make us able to do things that we may have previously believed we could never do. So when we get to a stage where we have decided that we need to lose some weight, then we can either sit back and let someone else try to do it for us, or we can invoke our own, far more powerful weapon, our will power. This article is original to loseweight.intervalinc.com and protected by copyright.

So let’s see how that works and why so many of us simply don’t use it.

The Need for Expert Help

Our modern way of living has conditioned us to expect help from an expert when anything in our lives goes wrong. So if a tap leaks, we call an expert plumber, or if our electricity supply goes off, we call an expert electrician and if we need to teach our kids something they can’t learn in school, we call an expert tutor.

OK, they were just a few examples of the top of my head, but you get the idea. We have gotten so hung up on “needing” an expert to do almost every little thing for us, we have forgotten that we have a brain and something called common sense along with the ability to solve problems.

That’s what sets human beings apart from the rest of the animal kingdom and is what is supposed to have made us the supreme rulers of our planet. Or something like that.

We Can Solve Problems!

So if we possess these great problem solving skills, why do we need experts to do anything for us, let alone just about everything? For example, if a light bulb needs changing, I can change it and I’m sure most of you can too!

Take another common household job I’m sure most of you are capable of attending to: If a faucet is leaking, I can go to the hardware store, buy a washer and fix it myself as I’m sure plenty of you can too. Even if you think you can’t, you can read can’t you?

You’re reading this!

So you can read a home maintenance manual and see how to replace a faulty faucet washer. That’s how I learned to do it. I learned to do a lot of things for myself just by reading about how to do them. If I needed to know how to do something more difficult than simply reading about it could train me to do, I got some tuition from an expert.

That’s different from getting the “expert” to do the work or fix the problem. It’s just that sometimes it is necessary to be shown in a practical way how best to do something so you know how to do it right when necessary.

We Can Solve Problems!

So I learned how to lose weight by exercising will power over my weakness for chocolate cake. Ahem! I learned that I can say no to something just as easily as I can say yes to it.

When my health is on the line, I’m sure to say no to chocolate cake and anything else that I know will make me gain weight and instead eat stuff I know is low in calories so I will lose weight.

Sure, I went to med school back in the day to become a doctor, so I guess I had a head start over most folks. But that’s not the point. If I was only looking to improve my own health rather than aiming for a medical profession, I could have learned all the information I needed by reading or asking for it from the right sources.

Essentially I trained myself in the right knowledge I needed to maintain a more healthy physical body.

If I can get my head down and learn all that from reading about it in books, online etc, so can you or anyone in fact.

And you know what that means? It means you don’t necessarily need an expert to tell you how to lose weight or show you what to do, because you already know how or you will do by getting the knowledge you need to be able to.

Maybe you just haven’t activated your own will power to want to do it for yourself yet. But you will!